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Watch Hindi Movies Online

Updated on February 5, 2015
K Sera Sera
K Sera Sera

Bollywood movies

Bollywood is big business. It has been massive in India for many years and it is now starting to become extremely popular in other countries around the world as well. Even if you cannot find many Hindi movies at the cinema or at your local video rental store, you can get Hindi fever as you can watch Hindi movies online for free.

Hindi movies are movies that are made in India or by Indian movie production companies. They are mainly made near Mumbai one of the biggest cities in India. Although the language used in these movies is primarily Hindi, you will often find that English words are interspersed with the dialogue or even whole sentence of English used in parts of the story. Most Hindi movies that you find in the United States or through the internet will have subtitles included.

Bollywood movies

India film industry

Since the 1970s the India film industry, which is affectionately referred to as Bollywood, has been the world's leading producer of movies. For more than three decades the Indian movie industry has beat out Hollywood in terms of the proliferation of movies made.

The first Hindi movie was made in 1913 and it was a silent feature. By the time the thirties had rolled around the industry had grown to the point where it was releasing more than 200 movies each year. Some of the classic Hindi films were made between independence in the forties and the 1960s. This period is often referred to as the golden age of the Bollywood film industry.

Hindi movies are massively popular because they are a spectacle to behold. They are rich in music, feature huge dance scenes, vibrant colors and dazzling costumes. The leading men and women are breathtakingly beautiful and they take you on a trip into fantasy-land, where you leave your worries at the ticketing box office and live vicariously through the movie characters.

The music and dancing in Hindi films is so infectious that in recent years there have even been Bollywood dance classes that have started to spring up all around the United States and in other locations.

Put quite simply Hindi movies are the contemporary version of the blockbuster Hollywood and MGM musicals of the thirties and forties in what was known as the golden age of Hollywood. They are fun and innocent and remind us of the joy of being alive and the simple pleasures in life making us feel more alive. That is the essence of their charm and the secret to their growing popularity.

Hindi movies available for purchase at

Hindi movie websites

If you are an avid fan of Hindi movies or a mildly curious newbie, then there are a number of websites that are available to download and watch the classics on as well as some of the latest releases. Some of the websites show Hindi movies for free and others you can download an unlimited amount of movies for a set membership fee. There are others that you can download movies by paying an amount for each movie that you download.

A simple Google search will bring up a whole lot of websites where you can download Hindi movies and watch them to your heart's content. For the uninitiated there are a number of Bollywood stars that you should look out for and these stars tend to have a massive following not only in India, but all around the world. One of the current shining stars of the Indian screen is Aarti Chhabria who is a former Miss India Worldwide winner. Other popular Hindi actresses include: Aishwarya Rai, Babita, Helen, Gracie Singh, Hema Malini and Isha Koppikar. Aishwarya rai blue film is also a very popular choice.

The leading men that smoke up the silver screen in Bollywood include:Shahrukh Khan, who is one of the most popular of the current stars, Aamir Khan, who is a poster boy for many young Indian ladies and Bollywood fans, Akshay Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar and many more. One of the things that draws many people to the movies is that there is a lot of romance included between the leading stars, but that it is always quite innocent. There is none of the hot and heavy explicit scenes that can often be found in other films, although you may spot a few wet sari scenes.

Some of the popular movies that you should check out include: Rang de Basanti, which is about some university students that make a movie about Indian independence and this one stars golden boy Aamir Khan; Bunty Aur babi, which is a loose remake of the Bonnie and Clyde story; Ishqiya, a wonderful comedy about a beautiful widow and My name is Khan, which is said to be Shahrukh Khan's best film so far.

If you want to find out about which movies you should see first, then it is worth visiting a few of the dedicated websites to Bollywood. There you will find lots of reviews, tips, synopses, biographies of the Bollywood stars and directors as well as a whole lot of gossip about them all.

You can watch Bollywood movies by visiting a number of websites that will allow you to download the movies. Just a few of the many websites that you can use to watch Hindi movies include Apna View, Hindi Movies Online, Bharat Movies, Hindi Links 4U, Movie Desi, Bolly Saga and much more. It is worth visiting some of the Hindi Movie websites and blogs in order to get some feedback from fans of the movies in India, the United States and around the world which websites they find the best ones to download from.

If you haven't yet got into the craze of watching Hindi movies, then you should check them out to find out exactly what you are missing out on. They are vibrant, fun, romantic, exciting and fantastical. They are a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life and live vicariously through the stars of the screen. Now that you can watch Hindi movies online from the comfort of your home, it is no wonder that Bollywood is taking over the world and becoming more and more well known in the United States and other western or English speaking countries.

Anybody can watchhindimoviesonline with a computer and a decent internet connection!


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