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Watch Resident Evil: Afterlife Online

Updated on October 3, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife

The evil is back and with more evil !

Resident Evil:Afterlife, the third sequel to Resident Evil of 2002 is coming up to thrill the audience with the latest 3D technology. Paul W.S.Anderson has is directing this series after the break.

Resident Evil as a movie drove its inspiration from Capcom's survival Horror video game series called Resident Evil.The Umbrella Corporation, has let out the T-Virus capable of turning the living into zombies and act under the control of the Corporation's Commodes. In this sequel, Alice the amnesiac girl vigourously starts searching for those unaffected by the virus so that they can be saved from the possible attack.

ResidentEvil: Afterlife 3d Trailer

"How do U save yourself if you are already dead"

Milla Jovovich as Alice

The entire story spins around her. She was the security officer of the Umbrella Corporation previously. Her contact with the T-virus gave her superhuman abilities. She eludes from the band and runs to save the survivors from getting infected by the virus. In this season she comes face-to-face for the first tie with the Corporation's Chairman. 

The plot of afterlife lies in how she escapes from the Chairman and his band of zombies and whether she saves the remaining humans or not... 

Ali Larter as Claire Redfield

In the previous film Resident Evil:Extinction she lead a the group of survivors who came to meet Alice. Now she is shown to be in the deep woods as an amnesiac. The reason is a mystery.

Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield

He is Claire's elder brother. He is working in an anonymous military organization which fights aginst the infected people. He was based in Los Angeles before being attacked and imprisoned.

In Resident Evil:Apocalypse, she helped Alice escape teh Racoon city.  She resumes the same role as a former STARS operative in the upcoming film,

Never watched Resident Evil ?? The story might have gone too far to follow? But we are here to get the long and short of it in a nut shell. U can also read on to refresh yourself about the important happennings in the previous sequels.

Resident Evil

A secret experiment. A deadly virus. A fatal mistake

Deep underground in utmost secrecy runs the Umbrella Corporation, which develops and tests powerful viral weapons, with Albert Wesker as its head. A potentially dangerous virus called the T virus escaped out of a protected place called "The Hive" turning the scientists into flesh-hungy zombies. The parent organization sends a military unit to shut down the main computer "Red queen " and prevent the spread of the infection. They come to Alice, the security officer of the band for help. But she herself gets infected by the nerve gas and becomes an amnesiac. She can remember who she is and her mission only for a short time. So all this ends up in Alice battling with her amnesia and helping the commodes in their mission.

Resident Evil:Apocalypse

"You are all going to die"

General Cain had ordered that "The Hive" be reopened again which lead to the virus spreading all over the city. The only survivors other than Alice are Jill Valentine,a member of Umbrella Corporation, the S.T.A.R.S. team leader Carlos Oliviera and his Captain, Nicholai. They get trapped among the cannibalistic inhabitants of the city. Their only hope is a chief scientist of the Corporation, Dr.Charles Ashford, who promises to help them escape if they could find him his daughter Angie Ashford. Meanwhile, a secret weapon with the code name -Nemesis is released to find the survivors and destroy them. The film progresses with how Alice uses her superhuman powers in battling the evil to escape from the city.


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