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We the Party Soundtrack

Updated on July 26, 2013

Music & Videos From Mario Van Peebles Movie

Think beyond an urban version of Project X as the We the Party Soundtrack is more than just a strung together MTV/BET music video montage from New Jack City director Mario Van Peebles with his equally attractive son Mandela in the lead role. It's a little bit of a high minded morality play but oh so worth it just to see Mario Van Peebles.

No word yet if an official soundtrack will be released or individual songs can be downloaded but four music videos from the movie has been released including "Truth" by YG, "She's a Vegan", "Light at the End of the Tunnel" and "Forever".

Tyler Perry's music supervisor Joel C. High (Good Deeds, Madea's Big Happy Family, For Colored Girls) along with music supervisor Rebecca Rienks (Ice Loves Coco, Scouted) who is often assistant music supervisor on Perry's films plus Erin Dillon ensure the movie is packed with a great collection worthy of a house party playlist. The music score is by composer Tree Adams (Redemption Road, All Things Fall Apart, Californication, Reba).

You may recognize most of Van Peebles brood from his 2009 reality TV series Mario's Green House with four of his kids in We the Party including Mandela, Makaylo, Morgana & Maya. The movie opened April 6, 2012 in limited release opposite the crew of American Pie who in contrast celebrate their former party days of yore in American Reunion. The We the Party movie with Snoop Dogg is now available on DVD, released July 31, 2012.

We the Party Movie

Source: Xlrator

Updated 5/27 & 6/13/2013

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We the Party Movie on Blu-Ray DVD


We the Party | A Mario Van Peebles FilmBUY NOW

Music Videos

"We the Party"

"Truth" Music Video - By YG

"She's a Vegan"

"Light at the End of the Tunnel"

"Forever" - Starring Makaylo & Mandela

"Cat Daddy"


"Cat Daddy 2.0" - Rej3ctz

Original Cat Daddy Video - Starring Chris Brown

Instructional Dance Video - How to Do the Cat Daddy Dance

Preview "We the Party"

We the Party Movie Trailers - Starring Mario Van Peebles

We the Party L.A. Screening

Writer / director Mario Van Peebles stars with a lot of his family members but as head of the pack, he is still the most handsome of the bunch. Here he plays not only a cool school teacher but a cool Dad as well.

We the Party Movie Release Date

April 6, 2012

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

What do you you think of the We the Party movie and soundtrack?

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We the Party Soundtrack

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