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Songs For Each Day of the Week

Updated on February 25, 2014

Songs to Get You Through Each Day of The Week

Did you know that there are songs written about each day of the week and almost every emotion for that day?

Feeling blue on Monday morning? No problem, there is a song for that. Need a great song for a Saturday night party? There is a song for that too!

Day of the week themed songs are great because they make the day a little more special and can lift your spirits no matter how your day is going. I love weekday songs because I love to sing them throughout the day to my ten year old daughter to make her smile, to remind her that this is just one day of the week and tomorrow is a whole new song. Try out some of the songs below and I can almost guarantee you will find a few new ones that might just make you smile and have you singing about this day.

Five Great Sunday Songs

Sunday is often described as a day of rest which is not usually the case for most of us who refer to it more as the day to get everything done before the crazy new work week begins. What is true for all though is that Sunday falls between Saturday and Monday and the following are some great songs to get you through the day no matter how you choose to spend yours.

# 1 Sunday Bloody Sunday By U2

Often referred to as a song of peace because lead singer Bono of the rock band U2 would wave a white flag while performing the song "Sunday Bloody Sunday", this song received great airplay and shot up the Billboard charts around the world. The lyrics are meant to stop the violence of protests and Bono has been known to be a humanitarian. It has been said that the song was written because of some sort of massacre that he saw a news report on and in turn tried to do something positive to ignite peace.

# 2 Gloomy Sunday By Sarah Mclachlan

By far one of the most beautiful and sad songs I have ever heard is the song titled "Gloomy Sunday" by Sarah McLachlan. This song has been performed by a variety of other artists in the past including Lady Day, Billie Holiday, Heather Nova and Bjork but I think a even more interesting fact is that some radio stations would not even play this song because they said it was too sad and gave it a title of a suicide song. Because of this many committed suicide while listening to this song which can definitely make you feel very sad. The song is beautiful and with the right voice such as Sarah McLachlan's it can make the strong weep like a baby. The lyrics to me describe a woman who is in a great deal of pain because someone she loves has passed away and she believe the only way to be with them is by taking her own life.

# 3 Sunday Girl By Blondie

The song "Sunday Girl" by Blondie was supposedly inspired by the cat she owned named Sunday Girl. The song is upbeat and has a great hook that will have you inspired to sing along at times. Blondie was known to write and perform whimsical and often funny songs about all sorts of strange things, like many artists she was inspired by her surroundings and was talented enough to have the perfect voice to pull off many Billboard hits with them.

# 4 Raining on Sunday By Keith Urban

The song "Raining on Sunday" by country singer Keith Urban is a romance filled song in which the lyrics describe time running out on his weekend with his girl and then it is back to work on Monday. He is praying for rain so he and his girl can spend the whole day on Sunday hiding out under the covers instead of going out in the rain. This is a romance filled song with great lyrics and great for a lazy Sunday afternoon spent with someone you love.

# 5 Sunday Morning Coming Down By Johnny Cash

If you are looking for the perfect Sunday song after a long night of fun on Saturday then the song "Sunday Morning Coming Down" by legendary country singer Johnny Cash is probably the one to listen to. This ballad is for the hangover felt after a good long weekend of fun and it is actually pretty cheerful and fun to sing along with. The lyrics are perfect for doing exactly as the song title describes coming down from the weekend on Sunday and everyone can relate to a few weekends where you needed to do just that.

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Top Five Monday Songs

For most of us Monday is that dreaded day of the week that you have to head back to work, for others it is just the day that falls between Sunday and Tuesday. Whether you love Monday's or hate them the following list of best Monday Songs should get you in the mood to hit the floor running and help pass the time until Tuesday.

# 1 Manic Monday By the Bangles

The song "Manic Monday" by The Bangles is a fun tune about heading back to work on Monday morning and wishing that it was still Sunday because that is a fun day. The song even starts with the woman waking up at six a.m., having to be to work by nine or else she won't get paid and we have had those feelings at one time or another. This pop song is upbeat and relatable for anyone listening who has ever had a Monday through Friday job.

# 2 Come Next Monday By K.T. Oslin

The country singer K.T. Oslin hit's the nail on the head with her positive thinking that maybe next Monday will be better then this one in the song "Come Next Monday". The lyrics explain that come next Monday she is going to give up on the man she is missing and start fresh that week with a whole new attitude. She intends on starting the diet she has been putting off, going to bed earlier and being stronger then she is this week. The song has a great beat and a catchy hook and will put a smile on your face about all the things you want to change. come next Monday.

# 3 Monday, Monday By the Mamas and the Papas

If you love a good classic rock tune then you will probably also love the song "Monday, Monday" by the group The Mama's And The Papa's. The lyrics tell of how Monday's have always been good for this man and that they are always what he hoped they would be until the Monday that she went away. Now every time Monday mornings roll around you will find him crying about missing his girl.

# 4 I Don't Like Monday's By the Boomtown Rats

A crazy song about Monday's is the song "I Don't Like Monday's" by The Boomtown Rats because it describes a girl who lost her mind on a Monday and went on a shooting spree at a school. The songs lyrics are relatively harmless but in theory speaking of a actual girl who has a pre existing mental illness and mentally lost it on a typical Monday all because she did not like the weekday Monday.

# 5 Monday Morning By Fleetwood Mac

Dreams of warping ahead to Friday is the theme of the song "Monday Morning" by classic rockers Fleetwood Mac because they have traveling on their mind. The song is upbeat and has a decent hook but there really is no good story behind this song compared to the typical good storytelling this group has done in their previous singles but still worth listening to on a Monday.

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Five Songs to Get You Through Tuesday

Congratulations on making it past that dreadful Monday! Tuesday is not exactly a whole lot better but at least you are close to hump day and getting closer yet to the wonderful Friday. The following are songs dedicated to Tuesday's and hopefully they will help you pass the time today and set you sailing through the day.

# 1 Tuesdays Gone By Lynyrd Skynrd

Inspired by train tracks that ran near the building where the southern rock group Lynyrd Skynrd rehearsed the band wrote the song "Tuesdays Gone" about a girl being left behind. This is a blues type of ballad and the story is just as pretty as the song.

# 2 Ruby Tuesday By the Rolling Stones

The song "Ruby Tuesday" by the rock group The Rolling Stones was written on a Tuesday and was inspired by a temporary break up between one of the band members and his wife. The song is fun and relatable to anyone in a rocky relationship that drifts in and out of love.

# 3 Tuesday Afternoon By Moody Blues

A beautiful Tuesday song is "Tuesday Afternoon" by the band Moody Blues, this song is a ballad about spending the afternoon reflecting about the direction of your life. This song has a great melody, and is perfect to listen to in the office and will have you feeling a little more inspired about hanging on and getting through Tuesday.

# 4 On a Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago By the Counting Crows

If you are looking for a beautiful piano song then look no further then the song "On A Tuesday In Amsterdam Long Ago" by The Counting Crows. This song can be a little depressing if you are already in a sad mood. The lyrics deal with old memories of happier times and wishing that you could get back to that certain place and time.

# 5 Tuesday's Dead By Cat Stevens

The song "Tuesday's Dead" by Cat Stevens is a song written about understanding your past and coming to grips with the fact that all we can do is live in the "today". The song is very pretty and the lyrics have deep meaning that seem to touch people in a variety of different ways depending on their background and circumstances.

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Five Songs to Get Your Friday Fun Started

Everyone who works a Monday through Friday job looks forward to Friday or at least I would hope that their down time is enjoyable enough that they would rather be doing something else then working. There are a lot of songs written about the love for Friday, but which ones are the top five you ask? Well, that is all up for debate depending on how or what you do for fun on your Friday nights, but these are my favorite.

# 1 Friday I'm In Love By the Cure

If you bicker back and forth with your lover all week long and come Friday night the two of you are back in love then the song "Friday I'm In Love" by the rock band The Cure would be a great choice for the two of you. This song is fun and really works for a lot of relationships that are filled with what seems like a roller coaster ride trying to get through the struggles of everyday life.

# 2 Black Friday By Lil' Kim Featuring Nicki Minaj

With two of the greatest female rap artists how can you go wrong with a fun upbeat song about people that want to be naughty on a Friday night? The song "Black Friday" by Lil' Kim featuring Nicki Minaj is what you would call a party anthem for a night full of partying and just plain having fun. Parental guidance suggested for some foul language but if you like rap music then this is a fun Friday song with a great beat.

# 3 Last Friday Night By Katy Perry

Calling all ladies for the fun and spirited song titled "Last Friday Night" by pop singer Katy Perry. This song is upbeat and will have you pumped about going out for a little fun on Friday with the catchy lyrics. The question is, what wild memories will you create this Friday Night to remember? The song even chants "T.G.I.F." in the lyrics and will have you just excited as the singer by the time she is through singing.

# 4 Black Friday Rule By Flogging Molly

Whether you are Irish or not who does not love a great pub song about hanging out with friends and having a good time? The song "Black Friday Rule" by Flogging Molly is sure to have you up and out of that chair and dancing a jig because of it's great beat and even more fun lyrics. The lyrics on this song are about growing up, leaving home and making it on your own and is very relatable by anyone who works hard all week to be doing it all on their own.

# 5 Thank God It's Friday By R. Kelly

The song "Thank God It's Friday" by singer R. Kelly is about an emotion most of all feel after the drudgery of working Monday through Friday. This song tells you to put your hands up, get the disco lights going and hit that dance floor. This is a great song for getting everyone on a dance floor to celebrate that in fact today is finally Friday!

Five Songs About Saturday Nights

The night between Friday and Sunday that is specifically meant for having a good time is Saturday and who does not love the sound of that? The following are all songs about wild Saturday nights and are meant to be enjoyed no matter how you spend yours.

# 1 Saturday Night's Alright By Elton John

To get a rocking good time rolling on a Saturday night the song "Saturday Night's Alright" by Elton John is a get up out of your chair song. The tempo is great and this is a upbeat dance song that most people would find it very hard to sit and not be moving while listening to this classic song.

# 2 Saturday By Fall Out Boy

The song "Saturday" by the punk rock group Fall Out Boy is a hyper fast beat song that is great for any young group of skate boarders or teens partying. A great song to get out some aggression and jump around to or scream along with. This song has a lot of fans and many say that this is the best song that Fall Out Boy has ever released.

# 3 Saturday By Basshunter

A great dance song for a night out at the club is "Saturday" by Basshunter, this song did not receive nearly as much radio play as YouTube plays and really is a fun song. The lyrics are fun and the great hook will get you motivated to dance.

# 4 Brooklyn on a Saturday Night By Neil Diamond

This song reminds me of a song you would be snapping your fingers to as you hear it as a background music in a movie about old time gangsters or at a musical. The sound of Neil Diamonds voice and the great lyrics that tell a story about fighting in the song "Brooklyn On A Saturday Night" will have you drawn into the story quite quickly.

# 5 When Saturday Comes By Def Leppard

A good rock song about having fun on a Saturday night is "When Saturday Comes" by the group Def Leppard. This song received little airplay so it is relatively unknown compared to the many chart toppers by this legendary rocker band but the song has a great beat and sounds like many of their greatest hit singles.

What Day of the Week Could You Write a Song About?

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