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Weird Words Starting With 'B'

Updated on January 12, 2013

Welcome to Weird Words Starting With 'B'

Are you ready to dig up some wacky words in the dictionary that have rarely seen the light of day?

Given the fact that the English language now has more than a million words under its belt, it's not surprising that there are more than a few words that have gone missing through lack of use, or the fact that very few folks even know they exist.

Today we are featuring some wonderful words that begin with the letter letter 'B'.

Perhaps the best way to honor these lovely little lost locutions is to find a place to stick them into casual conversation or better yet, why not use them to tantalize a reader of your terse text messages.


Image Credit: anagramXL

Batchelor's Fare

batchelor's fare (n.) expression meaning bread, cheese and kisses.

Suggested use in a sentence:

Betty Buxumworth had a funny feeling that the only batchelor's fare her bosom buddy wanted was a mouthful of cheese and crackers, a plate full of peanut butter cookies, or a handful of cute candy kisses but certainly not the merry bit of mistletoe she had in mind.


Illustration Credit: The Gross Uncle at

Beggar's Velvet

Beggar's Velvet ( downey particles which accumulate under furniture from the negligence of housekeepers.

Suggested use in a sentence:

Molly Maid loved adventure but dumping the baby out with the bathwater, leaping out of the frying pan into the fire, and sweeping beggar's velvet under the rug simply wasn't her cup of tea.


Image Credit:

Bleached Mort

bleached mort (n.) a fair-complexioned female.

Suggested use in a sentence,

Hermione Hefflepudge, a bodacious bleached mort and loquacious late bloomer, realized that being a dazzling diva of domesticity just didn't satisfy her insatiable appetite for money-laundering or annihilating dreadful dust bunnies for that matter.


Illustration Credit: babaroga by sandra d at


blowsabella (n.) a rough, romping red-faced female whose hair is dishevelled and hanging about her face.

Suggested use in a sentence:

Patty Peachy-Keen, a bucolic blowsabella from the backwoods of Beaver Lick, Kentucky knew one thing for sure -- she was no milquetoast maven, no candy-assed apple polisher, nor did she give a flying fig about rehashing old chestnuts with a pathetic potboiling paramour named Romeo Relish even if he did promise to eat crow and humble pie out of the palm of her hand.


Image Credit: riclov at

Bone Box

bone box (n.) a pejorative term for the mouth.

Suggested Use in Sentence:

If I've told you once, I've told you twice, shut your blankety-blank bone box before I blow it off.


Image Credit: Illustration by drawgood at

Brother of the Bung

Brother of the Bung (n.) a pejorative term for a brewer.

Suggested use in sentence:

On Tuesday nights, Billy-Bob Brother of the Bung offered special dispensations to draught drinkers provided they also placed an order for his heavenly barbecued chicken wings.


Image Credit: Coghill Cartooning


brizzle, vb., to scorch near to burning or to slightly singe.

Suggested use in a sentence:

Fred Foghorn had his fill of flipping burgers, brizzling his eyebrows, and swatting the frigging flies with his stainless steel spatula just to impress all his female colleagues at the casual Friday corporate picnic.


Image Credit: fxgamer at


bulfie (n.) a pleasingly plump or pudgey person

Suggested use in a sentence:

As Peter Pedal-Pusher, a bicycle bulfie of some renown, rode past the Penny-Farthing Pub, he couldn't resist the urge to belch and and bring forth a fanciful freep or two.


Illustration Credit: www.clipart - 22025 image

Wacky Word Poll

What is a bomullock?

a piece of meat or gristle that gets stuck in one's teetha big barnacle on the bottom on a boata grizzly ghostone who has bushy eyebrowsthe flap in the front of one's breeches which is buttoned up

What is a bomullock?

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Funny Feedback from Lighthearted Language Lovers - So what's your favorite long-lost word in the English language?

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      CircusRunaway 5 years ago

      These lenses are great! Thanks for the daily dose of odd :)

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      What a great idea for a lens!

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      More great stuff.