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Weird Words Starting With 'D'

Updated on January 12, 2013

Welcome to Weird Words Starting With 'D'

Are you ready to dig up some wonderful words in the dictionary that have rarely seen the light of day?

Given the fact that the English language now has more than a million words under its belt, it's not surprising that there are more than a few words that have gone missing due to lack of usage, or the fact that few folks even know they exist.

Today we are featuring a few wacky if not weird words that begin with the letter 'D'.

The best way to honor these words is to find a place to stick them into casual conversation, to introduce some entertainment into one's electronic missives, or simply to add a wee bit of adventure to one's daily routine of navel-gazing or, watching paint dry and grass grow.


Image Credit: - image - 0952_alphabet_d_049_tnb.png


daedalist (n.) aviator, pilot

Suggested use in a sentence:

As daedalists go, Herbert J. Zoombach was neither your typical whirlybird nor windsock enthusiast; in fact, if truth be told, this agnostic aerodynamic artist scoffed at wings and prayers, preferring instead to focus his energy on propellers and pedal-power to escape the force of gravity and give him a new perspective on reality.


Image Credit: - image - IH170409


dangwallet (n.) a spendthrift

Suggested use in sentence:

Dunwoody Clackavoid, a gentleman farmer, knew that he was destined to become a dashing dangwallet, but only if he could keep on milking his cash cow for all that she was worth.


Image Credit:


diffibulate (v.) to unbutton, to unbuckle

Suggested use in a sentence:

Don Juanabee, a cutting-edge croquet player, a debonaire dilettante, and a pompadoured paramour from Nether Poppleton in North Yorkshire had his work cut out for him as he tried in vain to diffibulate his beloved's blouse with one hand tied to the bedpost while trying to fend off her frigging feline who was keen on ripping him to shreds.


Image Credit: Antonella


dringle (v.) to waste time in a lazy manner

Suggested use in a sentence:

Boswell Bittersniff looked forward to dringling the day away in his new dancing duds much to the surprise of his "Casual Friday" colleagues at work.


Image Credit:


dwizzen (adj.) descriptive of one with a parched appearance as in withered fruit

Suggested use in sentence:

The dwizzen-faced dowager was downright giddy at the thought of being able to pilot a Bugatti broomstick with fly-by-wire steering, a quad-turbocharged W16 engine, and a top speed of 253 km/hr or 407 mph; now if only it came with a voice-activated horn that played "Pomp & Circumstance", it would be a real winner.


Image Credit:


dwang (v.) to agonize, to chafe, to despair, to worry

Suggested use in sentence:

The Duchess of Ditherington, a moxie make-over maven, dwanged over which pair of steel-toed patent leather pumps she should wear to the Mad Hatter's tea-party -- it was a dilemma to beat all dilemmas that might cause her to powder her nose beyond all recognition.


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What is the meaning of devalgate?

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The Word Project: Odd & Obscure Words- Illustrated
The Word Project: Odd & Obscure Words- Illustrated

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The Word Lover's Dictionary: Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words
The Word Lover's Dictionary: Unusual, Obscure, and Preposterous Words

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The Superior Person's Book of Words
The Superior Person's Book of Words

When you've run out of pomp and no circumstance, this might be your best guide on how to impress family, friends...and even foes.

The Logodaedalian's Dictionary of Interesting and Unusual Words
The Logodaedalian's Dictionary of Interesting and Unusual Words

A titillating tool for obfuscators, obscurantists, and odd ducks.

The Gilded Tongue: Overly Eloquent Words for Everyday Things
The Gilded Tongue: Overly Eloquent Words for Everyday Things

The perfect gift for tongue-tied types who need a few fine words to flog at boring dinner parties.


Word Birds & Word Peckers Welcome - Why not share your favorite odd, obscure, or obsolete word in English?

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