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Weird Words Starting With 'E'

Updated on January 12, 2013

Welcome to Weird Words Starting With 'E'

The English language is ever expanding, but as one new word seems to come into being, many fade away through lack of use.

Perhaps it's time to dig up these archaic if not amusing little locutions and thrust them into the light of day. Or better yet, maybe these marvellous oddities comprised of old and unusual words deserve to be popped into mundane daily conversation, or added with a bit of flair to liven up all manner of terse texting and tweeting just to peek the curiosity of those with whom we are communicating.

So, without further ado, let's satisfy the appetites of suaviloquists, verbivores, and word-peckers everywhere by highlighting some of those forgotten words starting with the letter "E".


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ergophile (n.) one who loves to work

Suggested use in a sentence:

Boris Beaver, an eager ergophile from Slapneck, Michigan, had a passion for putting his nose to the grindstone and burning the midnight oil at the same time which was no mean feat, although if truth be told, he much preferred sinking his teeth into a tree-huggger or two!


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eructation (n.) burping, belching, passing air

Suggested use in a sentence:

Ophelia Tittey, exasperated by the egregious eructation exploits of her very hoppy husband, Horace of the Hollyfuds, who had a reputation for keeping the company of far too many buxom barflies, Buzzard Breath Ales, and belching bull-tweeters -- she had no choice but to send him packing to his hometown of Hairy Hills, Alberta.


Image Credit: Buzzard Breath Ale label from Big Rock Brewery, Alberta -


eudaemonism (n.) having a good attendant spirit; a theory that the highest ethical goal is happiness and personal well-being

Suggested use in a sentence:

Ignatz Dangle and Ingebord von Zitzewitz knew they had something special in common -- in a nutshell it was eudaemonism -- which few of their neighbors really understood, which is why most of them just waved or winked so as not to disturb their lollygagging lifestyle.


Image Credit: Illustration by W. Heath Robinson -


escritoire (n.) writing desk

Suggested use in a sentence:

As Fairy Mary gazed at herself in the mirror, she realized that perhaps an evening hovering over a punch bowl, batting her eyelashes with a grumpy gigolo, not to mention the twelve pound fruitcake she had tucked away for dessert last night, meant she was in no condition to sit down at her escritoire and reply to his perfectly bilious billet-doux.


Image Credit: Roberta Baird, illustration, -


execrable (adj.) of the poorest quality, synonyms: abominable, detestable, vile, wretched

Suggested use in a sentence:

Chef Fud Pucker had to admit that perhaps the delicate dish of daddy longlegs with lightly sauteed lizard innards and topped with generous dollops of freshly-picked whatsits might well qualify for the most execrable edible ever tasted by his pitiful patrons who doubtless possessed nothing but cast-iron stomachs.


Image Credit: Crawdad


exlex (n.) bandit, outlaw

Suggested use in a sentence:

Wild Bill Bowlegs was not your typical exlex; in fact, he could barely hit the broadside of a barn door; his only saving grace was his charming disposition, and the fact that he was wanted in 42 states for rustling hobbyhorses.


Image Credit:

One must not infer that because a word died, it deserved never to have lived.


From "Poplollies and Bellibones - A Celebration of Lost Words" by Susan Kelz Sperling

Weird Words Poll


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Okay Smarty Pants, what does evince mean?

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The Gilded Tongue: Overly Eloquent Words for Everyday Things
The Gilded Tongue: Overly Eloquent Words for Everyday Things

One can never have too many eloquent words to entertain dolts, dweebs, and dingbats at the dinner table.

The Thinker's Thesaurus: Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words (Expanded Second Edition)
The Thinker's Thesaurus: Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words (Expanded Second Edition)

If one is going to write purple prose, this book will be a most welcome addition to any windbag collection!

The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten
The Word Museum: The Most Remarkable English Words Ever Forgotten

Old words never die...they are simply recycled into word musuems for future generations to enjoy.

The Disheveled Dictionary
The Disheveled Dictionary

For those who love odd or obscure words not to mention peculiar pictures, this book will meet all your expectations and then some!


Feedback from folks who adore odd, obscure or obsolete words. - C'mon don't be shy...what's your favorite weird word in the English language?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Big help, big help. And suprilateve news of course.

    • Serenity30 profile image


      7 years ago

      Very interesting.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      good lens, I like your article, very useful and inspiring. thank you.

    • vauldine profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you for your word search and the additon to my vocabulary.

    • stargazer90 profile image


      7 years ago

      great lens! i've learned so much!


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