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Weird Words Starting With 'G'

Updated on January 12, 2013

Welcome to Weird Words Starting With 'G'

This light-hearted lens is devoted to funny or forgotten words to be found in the dictionary.

Given the fact that the English language now has more than a million words under its belt, it's not surprising that there are more than a few words that have gone missing due to lack of usage, or the fact that few folks even know they exist.

With this series, we will feature a few harmless if not hilarious weird words for each letter of the alphabet; today it's the letter 'G'.

The best way to honor these wacky words is to find a place to stick them into casual conversation or perhaps just spice up one of terse text messages.


Image Credit: letter g -



Image Credit: galligaskins - loose trousers,

Galligaskins ( big breeches or loose-fitting trousers

Suggested use in a sentence:

Billy Boysack knew the only way to climb the ladder to success was to don his gorgeous galligaskins, (if only he knew how to get rid of the ghastly green algae growing in the dark, moist folds of his trouser turn-ups).



Image Credit: galoot -

Galoot (n.) a 19th century term meaning fellow, especially one that is strange or foolish

Suggested use in a sentence:

As a galavanting and galumphing sort of gatecrashing galoot, Scrabster Skoonspruit, had the unique ability to entrance guests with his tall tales about shampoo and polyfilla, while amazing them with his unusual skill of walking barefoot on gravel.



Image Credit:

Goblocks ( large mouthfuls of food

Suggested use in a sentence:

The cheeky chipmunk whether his goblocks deserved some gourmet grub for a change.


GIGGLE-TROT (n.) a woman who marries much later in life, is said to take the giggle-trot

Suggested use in a sentence:

The grand-dame of giggle-trots, Gracie Giggleswick, was postively overjoyed with the prospect of going on a two-week honeymoon with little in the way of luggage.



Image Credit: wig.jpg

Grimgribber (n.) slang term for a lawyer; also term meaning legal jargon or mumbo-jumbo

Suggested use in a sentence:

Farnsworth Flimby, QC, a gadabout grimgribber who possesses not only lecherous legal looks, but also the ability to keep his mouth shut by smiling determinedly through his teeth at irritatingly cheerful people in the morning.



Image Credit:

Gundy-gut (n.) pejorative term for a portly sort of person

Suggested use in a sentence:

Boothby Bagpuise was no ordinary gundy-gut, but rather one who clearly might have a good deal of difficulty manoevering a double mattress down a narrow, winding staircase.

Gee Whiz Poll - How well do you know your weird words?


Image Credit: Letter G - - image 2943327011_b218d1035c

What is a gillmaw?

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The Superior Person's Book of Words
The Superior Person's Book of Words

The place to find all manner of weird words like "groak" - one who stands around while others eat, in the hope that he will be invited to join in.


For those who have difficulty with "small talk" but would love to make a big impression with a few words that may leave one's dinner guests rather dumbfounded if not perplexed.

Gallimaufry: A Hodgepodge of Our Vanishing Vocabulary
Gallimaufry: A Hodgepodge of Our Vanishing Vocabulary

For those with a funnybone and a keen interest in saving some endangered words in the English language.


Comments from collectors of weird words - What's your favorite odd, obscure, or outdated word in the English language?

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      7 years ago

      that's kinda different! Im following you.


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