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Weird Words Starting With 'I'

Updated on January 13, 2013

Welcome to Weird Words Starting With 'I'

Are you ready to discover some little lost locutions in the dictionary, you know those wonderful words that have rarely seen the light of day?

Given the fact that the English language now has more than a million words under its belt, it's not surprising that there are more than a few words that have gone the way of the dodo bird due to lack of use.

Today we are featuring a few peculiar, strange and some might say unusual words that begin with the letter 'I'.

Perhaps the best way to honor these wacky words is to find a place to stick them into casual conversation, plop them into one's pathetic pillow talk, or perchance just insert one of these long-forgotten words into your tacky tweets this week.


Image Credit: Edward Gorey illustrator - The Inconstancy card


imprecation n.a curse; the act of invoking evil upon

Suggested use in sentence:

The Impresario of Imprecation had a fondness for telling little white lies through his pearly white front teeth and cussing out white rabbits for not delivering on his sleazy hankerings and tawdry flights of fancy.


Image Credit: Illustration by Bill


inexpressibles breeches; short pants covering the hips and thighs and fitting snugly at the lower edges at or just below the knee

Suggested use in a sentence:

The Count of Crapping Cockatoos was known far and wide for his intriguing inexpressibles as much as he was for the fetid flutterblasts, putrid plotchers and superb sliders which he let loose in the Classic Creptitation Contest held annually in the Queendom of Quirky.


Image Credit:


inkhorn adj. ostentatiously learned, pedantic

Suggested use in a sentence:

As inimitable inkhorns and warbling windbags go, Herbert Bartholemew Winston-Salem III, was noted for meandering to a different drummer and putting his audience to sleep with ripsnorting reports of his research on the skinny-dipping habits of hedgehogs in bird baths.


infundibuliform adj. having the form of a funnel or cone

Suggested use in a sentence:

According to the "Dictionary of Daffy Disiderata", the dunce cap is technically an infundibliform style of haberdashery, and as such, should only be worn by pathetic putzes, preposterous pinheads, and pointy-headed plebes.


Image Credit:


iqueme adj. agreeable, pleasing

Suggested use in a sentence:

Annie Git-Yer-Gun wasn't your average innocuous if not iqueme sort of soul in sequined silk chaps and steel-toed stilettos who hung around the popcorn, punch and palaver bowls at the Rocking Horse Saloon waiting for an invitation to a tiddlywink tournament.


Cowgirl - Ron Leishman illustration -


irrefragable adj. impossible to refute (as in an argument), impossible to break or alter (as in rules).

Suggested use in a sentence:

The irrefragable imp and wily wolf had several things going for him - he had an ace up his sleeve, a viper in his pocket, a dwarf dragon on his shoulder, and a sparkly serrated-edge sword, not to mention the gift of the gab which is all he needed to excel in the mean-spirited academic ax-grindery department of his employer, the Babble & Bunkum Bookshop.


Image Credit: Magic Wolf by illustrator Mark Vanolmen


iswonk v. to toil

Suggested use in a sentence:

After riding a broomstick all day long, and scaring folks half to death with her blood-curdling cackling sounds, the Wicked Witch of the West realized she'd didn't want to iswonk any more and jumped into a nice warm bath to contemplate her next seductive move for the night.


Itchland n. slang term for Scotland

Suggested use in a sentence:

Perhaps the fact that he wouldn't be caught dead in a pair of brogues, had no talent for blowing on some blasted bagpipes, and didn't dare to sport a bonny thistle in his cap were subtle enough hints to suggest that was not a recent immigrant from Itchland.

WEIRD WORDS POLL - Okay all you little leprechauns, it's time to put your "x" on the right spot!


Image Credit: Leprechaun image -

What is the meaning of Irish Confetti?

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Feedback from the Frontlines of Fun - Time for word wonks and witty wordsmiths to tell us their favorite odd, obscure, or obsolete word in the English language

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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      That was weird. Is the witch free for dating?

    • RhondaAlbom profile image

      Rhonda Albom 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Another winner. This is hilarious - thanks to the awesome artwork to compliment the weird words. and, where can I get a pair of inexpressibles? Blessed by a Squidoo Angel. Stop by my humor angel lens (/humor) and add it to one of the plexos.