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Weird Words Starting With 'M'

Updated on January 12, 2013

Welcome to Weird Words Starting With 'M'

The English lexicon is ever expanding, but as one new word seems to come into being, many fade away through lack of use.

This light-hearted lenses is devoted to ressurecting these fascinating archaic if not amusing little gems, and thrusting them into the light of day. Or better yet, these marvellous oddities comprised of old and unusual words deserve to be popped into mundane daily conversation, or added with a bit of flair to liven up all manner of boring electronic missives just to peek the curiosity of those with whom we are communicating.

So, without further ado, let's satisfy the appetites of suaviloquists, verbivores, and word-peckers everywhere by finding some long forgotten words beginning with the letter "M".


Image Credit:


master of the wardrobe n. one who pawns his clothes to purchase liquor

Suggested Use In A Sentence

Michael Muggles, (second from the rear end of the posterior parade, and better known by his clothing-optional cycling friends as Master of the Wardrobe), often needed a short snort or three in order to get down to the bare essentials.


Image Credit: - philly_naked_bike_ride_by_jonlaing-d31iy3e.jpg


mascaron n. grotesque face on a door-knocker

Suggested Use In A Sentence:

While the sign at the entrance to the noted naturopath's door read, "Welcome", the misbegotten mascaron suggested perhaps her homeopathic remedies left a lot to be desired.


Image Credit: Gargoyle door knocker courtesy of


maulifuff n. a woman with little energy, a fussy female who does little or nothing

Suggested Use In A Sentence:

Professor Popowink, a connoisseur of pinot plonk, had to admit that the slightly miffed mauliff of merlot at the Wicked Wench Wine Tasting certainly had an interesting depth of flavor.


Image Credit: "interesting depth of flavor" wine illustration by Ronald Searle.jpg


matutolypea n. getting up on the wrong side of the bed

Suggested Use In A Sentence:

Harry Twitterbee emailed his boss to inform him that he was suffering from a contagious case of matutolypea which unfortunately precluded his participation in the scintillating seminar on "Nobody's Perfect: How To Identify The Habits of Seven Highly Annoying People".


Image Credit: Cover of 3D storybook "The Wrong Side of the Bed" by Wallace E. Keller -


milk the pigeon n. fruitless endeavor, pursuit of what is not feasible or practical, impossible undertaking

Suggested Use In A Sentence:

Dwayne Duffus was destined for great things but, no one told him that trying to milk the pigeon was for the birds and a whole lot harder than trying to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse!


Image Credit: Pigeon illustration -


miscomfrumple vb. to crease or rumple

Suggested Use In A Sentence:

Princess Prick-Me-Dainty did not appreciate having to iron her majestic attire miscomfrumpled by a frigging frog who sat beside her at the Masquerade Ball and would never turn into Prince Charming no matter how many times she bat her eyelashes.


Image Credit: Masquerade Ball illustration by


morganatic adj. a morganatic or left-handed marriage is one between a male of superior and a femal of inferior rank, in whioch it is stipulated that the latter and her children shall neither enjoy a title nor inherit the possessions of the husband. During the matrimonial ceremony, the groom extends his left hand to the bride instead of the right when he says, "I take thee for my wedded wife".

Suggested Use In A Sentence:

As morganatic matrimonial affairs go, Arch Duke Foffarty Bigglesworth, a Pecksniffian person of property sported a blank look on his face, while his bride, Miss Puss-In-Booties, a former exotic performer at the Peek-A-Boo Pub, twitched her tail innocently at the parson in the hope that she could speed up the ceremony so she could bound off into a bowl of punch.


Image Credit:


myomancy n. a kind of divination by means of mice.

Suggested Use In A Sentence:

Fanny Fleak, a fascinating fortune teller from Fladderbister, reminded her client, Lady Pennycomequick, that if she wished to obtain an accurate forecast of the future, she would be advised to bring the following items to her next myomancy session: a barrel of cheddar cheese, plenty of pimento crackers, not to mention oodles of red wine.


Image Credit: letter m -

Weird Words Poll - Okay, Smarty Pants...time to show your stuff!


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What is the meaning of mundungus?

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Comments from weird word collectors. - So, what's your favorite odd, obscure, or outdated word in English?

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