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10 Favorite Wesley Snipes Movies

Updated on November 11, 2012

Wesley Snipes Film List

Wesley Trent Snipes is one of my favorite actors and has starred in several of my favorite films.

I would like to share with you 10 of my favorite Wesley Snipes movies. Yes, I know that my picks of the Blade Trilogy are out of order, but that's how I like them ;) Enjoy!

Check out the movie trailers below

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#10 Money Train

Wesley Snipes costars in this movie with Woody Harrelson as transit cops, trying to rob a runaway subway train. The movie is full of action and excitement. Jennifer Lopez also costars in the movie.

Money Train
Money Train

For the action movie lovers, Money Train will take you on an action packed thrill ride.


Money Train Movie Trailer

#9 Murder at 1600

When a woman is murdered at the White House, Wesley Snipes, who plays a Washington D.C. police detective, is called in to investigate.

Murder at 1600 Movie Trailer

#8 Passenger 57

Wesley Snipes fights to save passengers while 35,000 feet in the air.

Passenger 57 Movie Trailer

#7 White Men Can't Jump

Billy Hoyle, Woody Harrelson and Sidney Deane, Wesley Snipes, play basketball hustlers who team up to con their way across the courts. White Men Can't Jump also costars the beautiful and fiesty Rosie Perez.

White Men Can't Jump
White Men Can't Jump

Wesley Snipes shows off his athletic skills alongside Woody Harrelson in this very funny comedy. I love the game of basketball and comedy and these guys do a great job of combining the two.


White Men Can't Jump Movie Trailer

#6 U.S. Marshals

Wesley Snipes, plays a man who is falsley accused of murder and has to flee to prove his innocence. Tommy Lee Jones plays the U. S. Marshal in pursuit of him. Robert Downey Jr. also costars in this action packed thriller.

U.S. Marshals movie trailer

Wesly Snipes as Blade

Wesly Snipes as Blade
Wesly Snipes as Blade

#5 Blade Trinity

Wesley Snipes is back as Blade once again to battle the growing number of vampires and their resurrected king, Dracula.

Blade Trinity Movie Trailer

#4 Blade

Wesley Snipes plays, Blade, a half-mortal, half-immortal who makes it his personal mission to rid the earth of a race of vampires.

Blade Movie Trailer

#3 Blade II

Wesley Snipes returns as Blade, Daywalker, to fight a new breed of vampires, the Reapers, a much stronger breed who not inly feed off of humans, but other vampires as well.

Blade 2 - Bloodhunt
Blade 2 - Bloodhunt

This, by far, is my favorite in the Blade Trilogy. Full of action and suspense with a hint of romance.


Blade 2 Movie Trailer

#2 Disappearing Acts

Wesley Snipes costars with Sanaa Lathan, in this story based on a book written by Terry McMillan, about a music teacher who falls for a blue collar worker.

Disappearing Acts
Disappearing Acts

In Disappearing Acts, we see a softer side of Wesley Snipes as he plays in this romantic drama about love and life and the choices we make.


Disappearing Acts Movie Clip

Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown in New Jack City

Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown in New Jack City
Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown in New Jack City

#1 New Jack City

Wesley Snipes plays an arrogant crack kingpin who takes control of a city and Ice T, Judd Nelson and Mario Van Peebles are the police officers who are determined to bring him and his group of drug dealers down.

New Jack City Movie Trailer

Bonus: Wesley Snipes Fans

Although, Wesley Snipes has several other movies or films in his arsenal, these are just my favorites. Why, New Jack City as my number one, you might ask? Well, New Jack City was my first introduction to Wesley Snipes as the brilliant actor he is. The movie, showed off his acting skills and I became a huge fan.

I have a bonus, although not a movie, see if you can spot Wesley Snipes in this very popular video. Check it out below:

Who' s Bad?

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