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what is this about music?

Updated on August 1, 2011

Movie music

What is it about music which moves us? Are we changing the music or is the music changing us? We were a different people who listened to Mario Lanzo sing Be my Love or Judy Garland sing Somewhere over the Rainbow. Music has changed from The Jazz Singer to The King and I and now to rap music but how much have we changed with that music?

I enjoy seeing old movies like Annie or Showboat because that is music which is timeless for many including myself. Perhaps I am being too hard on the music of today but I can not help but compare it to something like Oklahoma or The Sound of Music and I thank Andrew Lloyd Weber for Cats or Phantom of the Opera and I loved Chicago.

I grew up listening to country music from Hank Williams Sr. and Patsy Cline but even country music has changed from Hank Snow to the latest winner of Nasheville Star. How can anything compare to "He stopped loving her today" "I saw the light" by Hank Williams Sr?

I try now and then to listen to songs of today and I find one that I like now and then but when it comes time to relax and refresh my spirit I turn to those songs which I consider old but good and many of those artists I like the best are ones who many people today have never heard of.

So that is my thought of the moment and now I am going to go on Youtube and watch Donald O'connor sing "Make them laugh" because I for one think we all need a little more laughter in the world.


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