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What's On The Box?

Updated on January 16, 2015

Security Plus! A Terrific Gift Subscriptions for TV enthusiasts who want to cruise the international channels!

Watch your favorite shows online without the no access/country restrictions!

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network which is actually a "tunnel" over the Internet. Each VPN connection is completely anonymous and encrypted and it helps to keep your activities hidden and secure. VPN internet access is an attractive option for people concerned about their online security and privacy.

With a VPN account you can access the internet without restrictions, bypassing blocks that prevent you from making calls from your PC using Skype, MSN or other Voice applications. In countries such Dubai, Kuwait, UAE, Turkey, Thailand, Middle East and Asia where many websites are blocked, including blogs, news sites, and adult and casino sites, VPN connections are an ideal solution. Additionally, VPN connections also provide anonymous surfing and a secure connection for Wi-Fi hotspots in any country.

Your Whatsonthebox service can be used at Wi-Fi hotspots (like hotels, and restaurants) to secure your internet connection or just as a general security measure against online attacks, hacking and data theft. All connections are encrypted using a 128bit VPN tunnel which means your IP address remains completely hidden. All users are provided with multiple country IP addresses so they cannot be traced and monitored.

If you live in a region or work in an office that regulates your internet then this service is perfect for you! If you need anonymous and secure internet access then this service also for you!

How Do VPN's Work?

1. Connect to the Internet

2. Connect to whatsonthebox servers using the IP and login details provided with your account.

A connection is then established on your computer. A VPN is basically a connection inside another connection. Then all internet traffic will go through the secure connection.

Your VPN via requires no set-up fees, no extra software, no costly equipment, no long-term commitment. All you require is a personal computer and an Internet connection.

Taking up to four hours to be authenticated (but usually within 30 mins), TV internet connections via VPN with Whatsonthebox have NO long-term obligation of any sort and can be cancelled at any time! You have complete control over your subscription.

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