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Where The Wild Things Are

Updated on November 4, 2013

Where The Wild Things Are: A Timeless Movie

"Where The Wild Things Are" is 2009 movie release of a Sendak's 1963 book. As I write this, it has a  69% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is not a bad result. The major criticism is that, while it is a very good movie, it is too "heavy" for some children. Personally, I like it when a Hollywood movie offers some depth and I respect a director who does not feel compelled to give the same rosey ending to every movie. On this site, you wll find "Where the Wild Things Are" Merchandise. I personally think that the BEST is Max's footed pajamas. Kids love footed pajamas. Imagine dressing your kid up as Max! What a great gift idea for your fan of Where The Wild Things Are!
( Photo is Poster from Warner Movie Release )

Watch The Official Trailer Of Where The Wild Things Are

Wild Wisdom

Did you know?

The creatures costumes were created by The Jim Henson Company, of Muppets Fame

Get a Toy From Where The Wild Things Are

Can You Sew?? Make Your Own Max Costume - Make a costume of Max from Where The Wild Things Are

This Howcast video shows how to make a Max Costume at home!

Wild Wisdom

Can You Sew?? Create A Costume!

Can you sew? Here is a Simplicity Animal Costume Pattern and here is a McCalls Animal Costume Pattern . You should be able to create a Max Costume with one of these


Make Your Skateboard A Memory Of the Movie


Information about Where The Wild Things Are

Movie Release Date: 16 October 2009

Director: Spike Jonze

Book: 1963

Author: Maurice Sendak

Soundtrack: Karen O, the vocalist of the rock band Yeah Yeah Yeahs

( Karen O. is the ex-girlfriend of Spike Jonze, the director of the movie

Where The Wild Tnings Are: The Book!

Wild Wisdom

Did you know?

Universal originally had the rights. But after some disagreements, director Spike Jonze took it to Warner.

Where The Wild Things Are Pajamas

A great gift idea. If your kid is a fan of Where The Wild Things Are, this will warm their heart and the rest of them as well.

Wild Wisdom

Did you know.....the mosters were originally HORSES!!!

From Wikipedia: The original concept for the book featured horses instead of monsters. According to Sendak, his publisher suggested the switch when she discovered that he could not draw horses, but thought that he "could at the very least draw 'a thing'!" He replaced the horses with caricatures of his aunts and uncles, whom he had studied critically in his youth as an escape from their weekly visits to his family's Brooklyn home. When working on the opera adaptation of the book with Oliver Knussen, Sendak gave the monsters the names of his relatives: Tzippy, Moishe, Alexander, Emile, and Bernard.

Wild Wisdom

Did you know?

Where the Wild Things Are was originally due for release in May 2008. It was finally released in October 2009

"Where the Wild Things Are" Pajamas - Get a bargain on Where the Wild Things are Pajamas from Ebay

Buy your kid pajamas with scenes from "Where The Wild Things Are"

Three Animated Interpretations of - "Where The Wild Things Are"

This is really interesting! I have found three different versions of the same movie. One woman narrates and two men. One man sounds very aggressive, the other sounds very sleepy. Compare the three and see which you like best!

"Where The Wild Things Are" Costume

Buy a costume to dress up like Max!

What Did You Think About "Where The Wild Things Are"?

Some people loved the movie, others hated it. Some said it was charming. Others said it was too dreary for a kid. What did you think? What did your kids think? (Please give the ages of your kids).. If your family has mixed reviews, you can leave comments in both sides of the debate.

What Did You and Your Kids Think About Where the Wild Things Are?

Where The Wild Things Are Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Original Songs By Karen O And The Kids [SOUNDTRACK]

ALBUM Released SEPTEMBER 29 2009!

Wild Wisdom

Did you know?

The biggest controversy is: Who is the intended audience?

This will likely be a movie that the entire family will love or the entire family will hate. The only way to know for sure is to see it.

DVD: Animated Version of Where The Wild Things Are

This is NOT the movie that is released in October 2009. This is an animated version released one year earlier in 2008. However, this comes with 5 more stories. Might be a good alternative.

What is your opinion of where the wild things are? Or this lens? Or anything for that matter. Let us hear from you!

What DId YOU Think Of the Movie??

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    • profile image

      Aunt-Mollie 4 years ago

      I never saw the movie but I think all kids adore the book, especially the pictures.

    • JanieceTobey profile image

      JanieceTobey 7 years ago

      Although I haven't seen the movie, the book "Where the Wild Things Are" is fantastic! Like Nan's, my kids are too old for the costumes, but the Max costume is adorable!

    • NanLT profile image

      Nan 8 years ago from London, UK

      I LOVED reading Where the Wild things Are when I was a kid. so much so that when my eldest son was little I bought a copy just so I could read it to him. I now read that same book to my two youngest boys.

      I just wish they were still little enough they'd want to be dressed up in some of these adorable pyjamas.

      5* and you've been blessed

    • partyjulie profile image

      partyjulie 8 years ago

      This is a BEAUTIFUL lens! So well done! 5*