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Wherever You Are -Military Wives Choir

Updated on February 3, 2015

Wherever You Are

The battle that the 'Military Wives Choir' face now is much more than the one they faced to get all the way to the Royal Albert Hall. The British nation is rallying behind this valiant cause to help these ladies who through the incredible work of choir master Gareth Malone elevated themselves from stay at home military wives. They went from keeping the home fires burning to an accomplished confident choir who left no dry eyes when they performed their debut song 'Wherever you are' at The Royal Albert Hall.

The highly emotive song written by Paul Mellor has captured the hearts and souls of a nation at war. Many people in Great Britain forget that Afghanistan is not just a news story, but a daily survival struggle for those on the front line and those left at home to look after children and homes. This hit home to to Gareth Malone in a shared snippet of film during the endearing television series which was the birth place of this potential number 1 Christmas 2011 download hit.

How Did This Happen?

The need for television programs which viewers can identify with and draw inspiration from is obviously a very difficult gap to fill. Once a formula is hit upon and rating success is found, the annual version of whatever it is produced. It would seem to this writer, that the annual pop parade is beginning to lose its lustre and immense popularity. Recent years has seen protest votes going to promoting alternative songs however irrelavant and irreverant.

Whilst it has been wonderful to see great new talent being 'discovered' and born in front of large audiences and 'judged' for various categories, there comes a time when true heroe's must be acknowledged. It is encouraging to see new artists with their whole recording life ahead of them being showcased in a very moving way. How great it would be to see that for once, a true almost classical piece could win the coveted slot of Christmas number one. The morale booster to our fighting forces - in whatever role they carry out - would be incredible .In this thought I include the whole ISAF contingent within the combined theatres of operations in the region.

Below, is shown a 15 minute excerpt from the television series from BBC2. The first 2.14 minutes is a silent slide show which emphasises the start of the 'silent' wives.

Wherever You Are - Military Wives Choir - Chivenor and Plymouth Military Wives Choir

What Do Our Forces Do?

Our Debt To Our Fighting Forces

There is a myth that all that our fighting forces do is fight and promote destruction. This is far from true. The video below explains it much better than I ever could.

The 42 Commando in Afghanistan

Wherever You Are

The single is available NOW at AMAZON.

Thanks for helping it to become NUMBER ONE at Christmas time last year.

Deleted your copy?? please re-purchase NOW.

Military Wives Choir - Victory

It was a sweet sound when the news broke in the gathering I was with when the UK papers hit the streets. A ragged cheer rose up and an impromptu sing song was held. Despite the fact that the party I was with spoke different languages, we were not in the UK, and it was sweltering hot, the true enormous sense of achievement affected everone. Although on the other side of the world in a very different land, our thoughts were with the true heroes of the festive season.

Our fighting forces, brave men and women who give their lives so that we can sleep, had scored a victory sweeter than most.

The wives, girlfriends and family who often sit worrying at home for the safe return and welfare of their loved ones, had been given their voices and an unrivalled opportunity to shine. The British government bowed down to popular peoples support and conceded that it would be crass to tax this magnificent album. The charts bowed too, and for the first time in a very long time, a truly deserving song had made it to the number one spot for Christmas 2011.

The power of the proud British public supporting true heroes - makes ones chest swell with pride'

Yes indeed - Wherever you are - we were - and are - with you..

The Rest Was Sheer Magic

The fastest selling album ever?

Well they certainly did make a splash and continue to do so. As Gareth Malone kept up the momkentum that the Military Wives Choir started all that time ago, the news just seemed to get better and better. Their debut album' In My Dreams' was poised pre-release to be number one ahead of the old Boss - Bruce Springsteen - with his pre-order offering of 'Wrecking Ball'.

Their debut single earned a very good £500 000 for charities benefitting the Armed Forces. It is hoped that the sales of the new album will generate funds in the region of £1 million. These proceeds it is hoped will assist in the settinmg up of new choirs as well as helping support the partners of thiose serving on the front line.

The women who have joined the choir have found it a refuge to turn to when all around them there is stress associated with their particular life styles. The power that their combined voices and hearts have brought to this country, unifying those in adversity and without hope is gratifying to see and take comfort from.

All we can do, is support them and enjoy their sense of pride and hope.

Music available from Amazon

And now available this year..

Wherever You Are - Royal Albert Hall Performance

Performing live in front of the Royal Family.

In My Dreams (Military Wives) Official Video - Hear it here, see it here,

Get your tissues out.

Stronger Together (Military Wives, Gareth Malone) Official Video

Military Wives Rule The World - They sure do..

What do you think? Speak with me..

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