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Top 7 Anime World that people want to live in

Updated on November 14, 2012

Anime World

Wouldn't it be great that our world would be same as anime? It would be interesting and fun. Beside the fact some anime have NO SCHOOL but we will have many places to explore, new challenges to go through and even meeting up with new and interesting friends. You can be the next Pirate King , the next Hokage and even have your own mysterious power. Which epic world will you want to be in? Let's jump into some world that we may be interested in...Let's GO!

One piece!

One piece!
One piece!

One Piece - Pirate World! :

Do you want to become the next Pirate King? Do you want to join in with Luffy and his friends on their way to have an amazing adventure around the world? Or even make your own crew and go find 'One piece' that left by Gol.D Roger?

One piece is my favourite anime and if I have a choice to choose which world that I wanted, One piece will also be my first. It is not that I wanted to become the next Pirate King and not because of the Treasure as well, It is the people and adventure inside the show. I have always admired them because they are strong and powerful. They have power that I wanted to have. But the most compelling reason is I really want to travel with Luffy and his friends. Even though sometimes they make a fool out of themselves but they are really caring and they do not abandon or betray each other. They have dreams to fulfil and so do I, but they all have the same goal and that is to make Luffy the next Pirate King! If you are a One Piece fan or watch One Piece, you may have the similar feeling as I do. So let's set sail and go Around the World!

By Luffy:

I don't want to conquer anything! Its just that the person with the most freedom on the sea is the Pirate King!

Favourite Pirate Crew

Which Pirate Crew is your Favourite?

See results



Naruto - Ninja World :

Next, Ninja World! Always wanted to be a Hokage? Kazekage? Or Mizukage. Which country do you like then? Ever wanted to be acknowledged by the people in the village? Than Kage will be what you are aiming for.

There are cool techniques you can learn, wondering which type of element are you or maybe you are a bloodline user. You can learn hand sign and perform a summoning or other epic techniques. Maybe you will have your own master like the Great Jiraya, who will teach you new techniques. Form a team and do mission with your friends, just like Naruto and his teammates. Travelling far away from your country and form peace with another country. Encounter enemies like akatsuki or maybe other powerful Ninjas. Fight with them and gain experience from your journey, meeting and making new friends from other village and country. Doesn't it sound wonderful?

Being Acknowledge

I do not like people to look down on me, I want them to acknowledge me of who I am and my strength as well. When people acknowledge me, I will be very happy and willing to work harder than ever. This is what Naruto taught me hard work always pay off.

Tell me,

Do you get acknowledged by your teachers, friends and parents.



Bleach - Shinigami World:

Next we are going to the Shinigami World. Maybe we as human beings cannot see them but Shinigami can. Whenever people hear the word Shinigami, they will think that they are some kind of evil spirits that bring us something bad. But in Bleach, they are totally different. They have cool weapons called Zanpakuto and the power to perform Bankai as well, just likes the entire 13 Squad leader and their realiable Lieutenant. Wouldn't you want to have a unique weapon and an awesome power of your own? And becoming half human and half Shinigami just like Ichigo?

Although it is wrong to say that he is a half human and Shinigami as he has Hollow power too. But he is a human to me and a strong Shinigami who possess hollow power as well. Even if people think that he has strange power and is not human at all, he is still one cool guy to me. Do you want to be as strong as Ichigo or the other 13 Squad leader? Then Shinigami World is your choice! Fight with strong Hollow and protect your precious people.

Fairy Tail!

Fairy Tail!
Fairy Tail!

Fairy Tail - Magic World:

Do you like to join a Guild? Do you want to become a strong wizard and perform quest to earn money? Do you want to have fun with your friends and fight with each other every day? Than Fairy Tail is the best choice for you!

It may be a noisy and crazy Guild but this just how they make a Guild so fun and energetic! I wish I can learn magic and become a Dragon Slayer just like Natsu. Or Erza who is a S-class Wizard who has the power to change equipment. Or a celestial wizard like Lucy, make a contract with them and called upon your celestial sprits to fight with you side by side.

Sometimes they can be a bit reckless and destroy the whole village while executing quest, make their Guild Master, Makarov. Whom is a headache but he treat his own Guild members just like a family. Whenever they are in trouble, they will quickly rush to help each other. Watching Fairy Tail always cheer me up as there are many funny scenes and sad scenes as well. It is a nice anime and I always feel like joining this Guild. We will have an exciting adventure and have fun with each other. Wouldn't you want to join this fun and enthusiastic Guild?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn - Mafia World:

Next stop we have the Mafia World! Have you ever wanted to build a strong family of your own and fight with other families to protect your position? If so then become a Leader of Vongola and protect them with your life! Even though Tsuna, the main character is forced to be a mafia boss by Reborn at a very young age but in order to protect his friend, family and those that are precious to them, he has his own family members to form the 10th Vongola Family.

They also have cool and powerful weapon like the Vongola Ring and Vongola Box. Each of them have inherited the 1st Vongola family power and manage to go through every opponents that are in their way. In the anime, you can see that Tsuna is a scaredy-cat and he is always wanted to avoid as many incidents as possible. But after meeting Reborn, his life change by making him a more reliable person and have the courage to protect what he loves.

At first I thought Tsuna is a useless person but after watching more, I realised that Tsuna was a very cool guy especially when he is in "Hyper-Dying-Will-Mode". So are you going to be like Tsuna who became a great Mafia Boss? How are you going to effectively use this amazing power?

The Clash of The Titans

If Tsuna with Vongola Rings was to fight with Ichigo Kurosaki with Hollow Powers, Who will win?

See results

Accel World!

Accel World!
Accel World!

Accel World - Games World :

Are you a very Addictive Gamer? Do you like playing online or video games? Are you tired and bored of facing reality all the time and want to add a little fun in your life? Do you want to Accelerate? If Yes...Welcome to the Acceleration World - the World of Games!

Although it is a New anime for 2012, but when I watch it, I really wanted to try out this game and be a Burst Linker. You get to fight with opponents just like those in PSP or Video games. You can have your own skill and special move and your Avatar will be created by yourself in your dreams. You can also train yourself or with your friends and defeat your opponents to gain Burst Points. Maybe when you reach Level 9, you can be one of the King just like Kuroyukihime. The Black King who is strong and beautiful. Isn't it cool, fun and challenging? LET'S ACCELERATE TO YOUR LIMIT!

I am a Gamer!

Tell, me, where do you play games?

I play games in my

See results

Fullmetal Alchemist !

Fullmetal Alchemist !
Fullmetal Alchemist !

Fullmetal Alchemist - Alchemist World:

Last but not least we have the Alchemist World! It is a world of advanced scientific techniques that everyone is using in their daily life. If you are interested in science related things just like me and wanted to become an Alchemist, then this is your choice!

Using alchemy can be quite useful sometimes, like one of the episode Edward and his brother, Alphonse, whom helped villagers to fix their radio and houses by using alchemy. But some techniques of alchemy can be forbidden like the revival of the Dead. Edward and Alphonse tried to revive their mother from the dead at a very same age. In order to do that, they have to use the forbidden method and also sacrifice some of their body parts too. It was a terrible memory to them and soon they found out that they failed to bring their mother. This made them realize that dead people cannot be revived. To me, Alchemist may be an advanced scientific techniques, but it also a technique to protect people as well, don't you think so? Which type of alchemy you want to be then? Is it Full metal Alchemist like Elric Brothers? Or a Fire Alchemist like Roy Mustang? Whatever your choice, they are all cool Alchemists!

Anime World

Which Anime World would you want to live in?

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Have you explore finished the different world above? Which one do you think is the best and wanted to live inside this world that you choose?


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    • Maximum A profile image

      Jee Ann G 

      3 years ago

      Most of the shows here are my faves! Awesome list, and I love the Fairy Tale and KHR worlds!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hitman reborn is my favorite anime.


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