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Whimzy Pets ~ Plush Finger Animal Pets and Playsets for Kids

Updated on September 14, 2010

Whimzy Pets ~ Pet Kids Can Carry On The Go

Whimzy pets are small, plush animals with Velcro front paws, that can be carried along with a child easily. Whimzy pets can attach to a backpack, notebook, purse, or even your daughters hair with those velcro paws. Attach them to a hat, to a belt loop, there all kinds of ways to enjoy them.

They are also small enough to attach to a finger, and carried around that way. Whimzy pets come in many different adorable animal syles, I've made a list below, as well as playsets with multiple pets and miscellanous pieces matched to the Whimzy Set.

The producers of Whimzy pets, Blip Toys, is releasing the plush pets in series. To date, 1 through 4 have been released, along with the playsets. Series 5 will be released soon, including some new playsets.

Whimzy Carousel Pony Playset with Whimzy pets in Saddle

Whimzy pets remind me of Littlest Pet Shop pets, except they are plush. They are inexpensive and fun, great to trade at school or with friends. They also work perfectly with other playsets being small in size, and can be played along with Barbie dolls or Lego's. With so many popular kids toys being very expensive and being less than impressive for parents, Whimzy pets are a nice change. Since the prices for pet's are under $10, the cost is reasonable too.

One other thing to consider about Whimzy Pets is the size. They are quite small, and may not be appropriate for any child who still puts things in their mouth. In most cases, four and over should do just fine, and would love to carry them around. They can even decorate their favorite dolls with their favorite pet!

If your child is asking you to buy Whimzy pets, see my current list of animals available below. Some may be hard to find, you can check out some Whimzy Pets that are available for sale below or Full List of Pets HERE

Whimzy Pets and Sets on Amazon

Whimzy pets beach fun set
Whimzy pets beach fun set

Whimzy Pets and Playsets

Here is a list of available sets. I recommend checking eBay above for the best pricing and selection.

Series 1

Whimzy Tiger Camo

Whimzy Bunny Pinky

Whimzy Pig Slim

Whimzy Cat Twitch

Whimzy Cat Purr

Whimzy Bear Spotter

Whimzy Giraffe Gangly

Whimzy Elephant Bugle

Whimzy Lion King

Whimzy Cow Cudder

Whimzy Frog Bounce

Whimzy Hippo Tamus

Series 2

Whimzy Alligator Alli

Whimzy Turtle Sunshine

Whimzy Panda Bamboo

Whimzy Lamb Cotton Ball

Whimzy Puppy Goldie

Whimzy Parrot Paco

Whimzy Tiger Siber

Whimzy Horse Amos

Whimzy Koala Cola

Whimzy Zebra Clickety

Whimzy Duck Quackers

Whimzy Monkey Coconuts

Series 3 & 4

Whimzy Seahorse Bubbles

Whimzy Wolf Chill

Whimzy Cat Feta

Whimzy Gecko Gek

Whimzy Reindeer Laska

Whimzy Bird Mingo

Whimzy Kitten Mittens

Whimzy Bear Molasses

Whimzy Horse Pilara

Whimzy Striped Cat Sneakers

Whimzy Whale Spout

Whimzy Unicorn Whisper

Whimzy Duckie Billy

Whimzy Blue Bunny Bounder

Whimzy Duck Cheep

Whimzy Lamb Flox

Whimzy Bunny Petey

Whimzy Bunny Rosa

Whimzy Platinum Ponies

Midnight- Black horse and accessories

Starlight - White horse and accessories

Whimzy Carousel Pony

This unique pony is a display for your Whimzy pets. The Carousel Pony playset is 12 inches tall, with a wide saddle and long main and tail. The Whimzy Carousel Pony can display up to 14 of your favorite Whimzy pets right in it's saddle. The saddle is also removable. You can also attach additional pets to the mane or tale, using the Velcro paws.

Whimzy Pets Come in so Many Cute Styles

Whimzy Pet Collection
Whimzy Pet Collection
whimzy monkey playset
whimzy monkey playset

Whimzy Playsets with Pets

Here are the Whimzy Playsets available. Many sets come with pets included, and are a fun way to enjoy your pets.

Whimzy Series 1 Playsets

Chihuahua Fun Bedtime Stories - 3 Pups and accessories

Monkey Around in the Park - 3 monkies and accessories

Cookin Cookies in the Kitchen - 3 Horses and accessories

Picnic in the Afternoon - 3 Bears and accessories

Daytime Fun at the Spa - 3 Horses and accessories

Poodle Hair and Make-up Party - 3 Pups and accessories

Series 2 playsets

Beach Fun in the Sun - Penguin, Seal, and Dolphin and accessories

Happy Birthday Bash - 3 Puppies and accessories

Unicorn Ice Cream Sundae - 3 Unicorns and accessories

Puppy Show Spectacular - 3 Puppies and accessories


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