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The Shortcut Way to Whistle in 1 Week

Updated on June 26, 2017

Firstly, I have a whistle range of 2.5 octaves. Low F's (D's on a good day) to high B(D's on a good day). I have been whistling since I was 10 years old and along the way, people approach me asking how to whistle that high, or that loud, or with that soothing tone. I must say, whistling is a skill, just like swimming or cycling, the more you practice the better you get.

The key to whistling, is about TONGUE placing. Yes that's right. It's not your lips or air or anything else. I'll explain in a sequential way.

Step 1: Position your tongue in a way that feels like u are gonna flick your tongue up from the back of your lower teeth. Push your tongue against your lower teeth. You should think of creating a slide shape from your tongue.

Step 2: Don't move your tongue. Slowly close your mouth to form an O shape as though you are saying "yooo". Don't overdo it and pout your lips. Make it a natural and slow movement.

Step 3: Now you should look like a weird octopus. Start oozing air slowly out from your mouth, ensuring that the airflow slides down the same angle as your tongue. Blow slowly, if you have an airy sound, it means you are overblowing.

Tadaa! Foundation done. If you still do not have a whistling sound, then the next step is the most important. LISTEN UP

Start altering your tongue position by gently reducing/increasing the angle of the "slide". Meantime, your tongue should always touch the back of your teeth!

Practice this for a week religiously. At least 3 hours a day. Within a week, you'll get it! I've passed this formula to all my friends and they start to see results as fast as immediately!

Good luck!


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      harold 6 months ago from toronto

      too hard