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who are the most beautiful women in media

Updated on February 7, 2013
Victoria's secret super models
Victoria's secret super models

Supermodels vs fitness models vs video vixens – who are the most beautiful women in the world

This is a battle of the beauties; these are three categories of hot women who are used for their looks to sell clothes, lingerie, perfumes, to make hot music videos because everyone knows by now sex sells right. Hot women are used in campaigns to sell just about anything. Which one of these groups of girls is the hottest? Which group do women want to look like? Which group of women is the most marketable? These are all questions I ask myself and I will go into more detail as I continue breaking down this three way battle.

Who is the hottest?

We guys have different tastes and bias towards a type we prefer we are not all the same. I like most women as long as they are fit and good-looking, so often that eliminates fat chicks not that there are no fat women who are good-looking or that there are no guys who are into them because there are many of them. For example in the Super model world I think the Victoria’s secret angels are some of the most beautiful women in the world especially Adriana Lima, but I also happen to think Natalia Muntean who is a fitness model is gorgeous, but Angel love who is a video vixen is also just as beautiful to me but all in a different way.

Noemi Olah fitness model
Noemi Olah fitness model

If we take the opinion of women’s magazines and fashion magazines they lean towards the super models, if we take the health and fitness magazines you find the fitness models but sometimes celebrities as well who may be supermodels, and finally you only ever see video vixens in hip hop magazines. All these women are known to wearing swimsuits and lingerie, and they all look hot, fitness models are always in micro stuff which is like the bare minimum which sells magazines and video vixens are known to be the curviest with their goods dwarfing whatever they wear. In terms of who is the hottest in the end it all depends on your tastes, some guys like women petite, some love them with curves and others love the super fit and toned women.

Rosa Acosta, one of the hottest video vixens who is into fitness
Rosa Acosta, one of the hottest video vixens who is into fitness

Who would women want to look like?

Most women care about their looks and their bodies and those that do choose workout often fear working out using weights so they end up working out by doing a lot of aerobic exercise like Taebo. Super models fall under the group of women who rely on diets and cardio mainly to stay in shape and maintain a feminine physique. Fitness models use a combination of cardio, weight training and diet to maintain their looks, but some tend to take it too far and lose their feminine appeal which is why most women fear using weights, weight training also decreases breast size and if you have not noticed yet, a large portion of fitness women have breast implants.

Some video vixens do workout and diet but most of them do not look like they work out, their assets are not as toned and slim as super models and fitness models but that’s what works in their industry the curves. So who do women prefer to look like, because of the influence of media and magazines that woman read it’s the super models, women have long been obsessed with being thin and not necessarily muscular, but a large number of black and Latina women like the video vixen type body because they are naturally curvy and it would be hard to go for the slimmer look, not that there are no slim black or Latina women.

Who is the most marketable?

This one is the most obvious answer the super models of course; they get paid millions to be thin and look pretty and appear in the world most popular magazines, and campaigns. They are the faces of world famous brands. Fitness models are in fitness magazines which are not as popular as female and mass gossip targeted magazines so they do not get as much exposure and are not paid as much as super models. The video vixens have the worst image out of the three groups often shown shaking their behinds in video’s and being referred to in diminutive terms, the girls who do this kind of job are often former strippers which is not looked at with high esteem.

So at the end of this I have come to the conclusion that the fashion girls still run things as a final example just look at the success of people like Tyra Banks and the success of her America’s next top model reality show, which is successful because so many women out there want to be a super model.


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    • Kara33 profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      If I had to pick one I'd say Candice Swanepoel is the most beautiful.

    • zulumuscle profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      yes they have copied my article, they did not even removing the links to my blog, but I guess that helps my blog and not the hub in rankings

    • homesteadbound profile image

      Cindy Murdoch 

      7 years ago from Texas


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