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Who Is Dan Neal From Big Brother 2013: The Ex Policeman Working on Operation Yewtree

Updated on August 24, 2017

Big Brother's ex-Policeman, who worked on one of the UK's biggest operations to uncover 60's TV star's paedophilic past!

Who is the essex boy in the UK BB house 2013? That is Dan Neal. Big Brother is notorious for getting housemates that have some of sort surprising past. Last year they had Benedict Garrett, the porn star teacher, and this year, controversially, they have an ex-policeman. Not just any policeman, but Dan Neal was one of the policeman working on Operation Yewtree!

By being in the house, is he compromising the confidentiality of the police force? Especially those involved with the one of the UKs biggest operations to bring to light some illegal sex activity, by some of the most famous stars of the 1960s and 70s.

Dan seems like a nice guy, and is certainly easy on the eye - but what made him retire from the police force, and seek fame in the public eye?

Photo credit

Who is Daniel Neal the Ex-Policeman from Operation Yewtree?

Dan Neal Policeman from Big Brother
Dan Neal Policeman from Big Brother

The BB Secret and Lies promo!

Dan Neal has been evicted from the Big Brother house, but did he go too soon?

See results

What is the perception of Dan Neal?

A lot of people have been talking about the rights and wrongs of someone like Dan Neal, or anyone else involved in such a high profile police investigation, to gain fame and notoriety in such an unconventional way.

It does seem odd, that someone would give up their career of 10 years, to do something as frivolous as go into the Big Brother house. Good for him, I guess, he can do what he likes, but there are lots of people who think otherwise.

Jim Davidson, who was due to appear on Celebrity Big Brother earlier on in the year, but had to back out, because HE was under investigation from Operation Yewtree, has commented on the seemingly hypocritical stance of Channel5 to put Dan Neal in the house.

Visit the Big Brother website here.

Largely, the perception of Dan Neal was a positive one. He has a great body, and showed it off by being topless virtually every day, in the house. A topless housemate? Who's complaining?

Gorgeous Pics of Dan Neal from #BBUK 2013

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Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013
Dan Neal #BBUK Housemate 2013

Dan was evicted from the house on Friday 26th July

*big sad face*

Dan Neal BB
Dan Neal BB

Detective Dan Neal has been evicted from the BigBrother house!


Gah! I'm absolutely gutted! Dan was evicted last night. He shouldn't have gone. He had so much more to offer the house! How did Sam not go, he does nothing! frustrating!

Dan seemed to take it all in his stride, but you tell he was disappointed. Hopefully now, he can enjoy the other side of BB and take part in BBBOTS with Rylan, AJ and of course, Emma...rather than just go home when the final is done.

He lasted 5 weeks, which is perfectly respectable, but he should not have gone so soon!

Poor Dan!

Photo credit:

Dan Neal from Big Brother
Dan Neal from Big Brother

Big Brother's Dan Neal is up for Eviction in a Secrets and Lies twist!


Big Brother has dropped another secrets and lies bombshell...but the house doesn't know yet! Last Friday, after Jackie's eviction, the housemates had to choose two to go into the safehouse, and get immunity in nominations. They instinctively chose Sam and Sophie - they figured, as they are the favourites in the house, that was the fairest way! But what they don't know, is that the two that go into the safehouse are putting themselves up for the public vote!

But what makes it worse, is on Sunday, Sam and Sophie had to choose another housemate to go in with them. Sam and Sophie think they are saving a housemate, but they're actually putting them up for public vote too. Sam wanted to "save" Callum, and Sophie wanted to "save" the twins. As neither could agree, they chose Dan Neal, who they both like! Arrrrgh! So, Dan faces the public vote.

The house was told that everyone in the house is up for the public vote, apart from the safehouse - but as we know, that's a lie, it's the other way round. Thing is, Sam and Sophie are favourites, which could mean that we'll lose Dan on Friday. Very sad. Hopefully though, the public will see sense and evict Sam, because he's sooooooo boring!!

How will everyone react when they find out that BB has told them one big fat lie??!!

Photo credit:

Dan Neal from Big Brother
Dan Neal from Big Brother

Detective Dan's in the House...Channel 5's BB updates...


It's been a very eventful week in the BB house. Three words - Daley and Hazel! OMG - very gripping TV on Monday night watching their bedroom antics unfold. But wasn't Dan great at supporting Hazel - everyone needs a friend like Dan.

Right now, they're on the Remote Control task - and letting BB play all sorts of tricks, whilst they must remain on pause - least of all - getting waxed. The beautician waxed Dan's chest - and made it patchy! Hilarious! As soon as there's a video clip, I'll add it here - but in the mean time...catch up with Dan's mini task...being a detective - he should find that too hard, should he?

Photo credit:

Detective Dan

Dan Neal Policeman from Big Brother
Dan Neal Policeman from Big Brother

Phew! Dan Neal is still in the house!


So, the twist was revealed and Gina and Dexter went into the safe house, whilst the house think they've gone. I'm kinda sad Dan didn't go in there, but it would have meant that Wolfy was immune from being up for nomination (blimey, did she get a shock when the crowd were chanting to get her out!).

So, Dan is safe for another day. The BBUK Policeman cum Essex Boy is still in the house - and on the live feed, started to see glimpses of a new Dan, with renewed energy, a renewed sense of fun...and perhaps we'll get to see the fun side of him...after all, he has been a bit of a paranoid, questioning ball of stress, hasn't he?

Don't forget folks...Dan for the win!

Photo credit:

4 housemates up for eviction
4 housemates up for eviction

Dan up for eviction, already?


Wow - the face to face nominations this week were crazy! On Monday night, the face to face noms ended up with 4 housemates being up for eviction. Of course, the whole house nominated Dexter, but I was surprised to see Gina up...but even more surprised, that with only 2 nominations each, Wolfy AND Dan ended up being put up to pubic vote too!

Up until last night, Wolfy was favourite to go (who saw that one coming), with Dan in a close second. Dexter third favourite, and Gina favourite to stay! Arrrgh!

BB landed a twist on us last night - no one is being evicted! We are voting to put two housemates into a secret house, full of luxury...where the chosen two can spy on the house. Essentially it's another version of series5 when Emma and Michelle went into the BB-Bedsit, but this one looks much nicer! So we have to choose a couple to go in there - the choices are either Dexter and Gina, or Dan and Wolfy. Personally, I would prefer Dan to go in with Gina, but hey!

It's going to be really interesting though. If Dan and Wolfy leave, the housemates might develop a new confidence that the favourites have gone, but surely they'll keep voting for Dexter - who will get THE biggest head this side of Borehamwood. But, if Dexter and Gina leave, then at least the housemates will have to nominate someone else, other than Dexter! But, then Wolfy's head will get massive, because she was right (she keeps harping on about how she's going to win the show - dull).

I don't know about you, but screw the housemates, I want to go into the BB Secret House - they had champagne and strawberries - what more do you need? :)

If you want to vote - go to the website to get all the info you need.

Photo credit:

Dan Neal was FAVOURITE to win Big Brother 2013

(according to the bookies...)

24/07/13 - 3rd favourite to win at 8/1

11/07/13 - the odds are 6th favourite to win at 8/1

03/07/13 - Dan is 8th favourite to win - at 16/1

26/06/13 - Dan is 6th favourite to win - at 10/1

19/06/13 - Dan Neal is favourite to win Big Brother, with odds of 7/2. Wooooo!

Dan is an Actor tennis ball message
Dan is an Actor tennis ball message

The #BBUK Housemates find a message that Dan Neal is an actor!?

"Dexter has found something in the veg patch"

How hilarious was Sunday (30th June) night's episode of BB. A message was planted in the garden, stuck to a tennis ball, saying that "Dan is an Actor" - of course, the housemates automatically think that someone has thrown it in the house...little do they know that BB is probably the thrower of the ball!

The Daily Star reported today that an intruder got past security and into the house - trying to make the house turn against Dan - by giving a message to the housemates, that Dan is an Actor! Supposedly the intruder has it in for Dan, because he worked on the Jimmy Saville case...which is ridiculous, because if Saville was guilty, why defend him and attack those that helped the families of his victims...i.e. Dan Neal! Bonkers!

You can read the story from the Daily Star here (...although I wouldn't believe everything you read in the tabloids!)

Dan Neal should win Big Brother 2013 because...

Tell me what you think...are you going to vote to evict someone else if Dan is up for nominations? Do you want Dan to win? Tell me you want someone else to win...tell me who...and why!

My votes are going this way...

Watch Dan and Hazel lose the plot, during week one...funny!

Are you supporting Dan Neal to be the Winning Housemate for 2013

If Dan Neal is your man to take the prize in this year's "Secret & Lies" BB series, don't forget to phone to evict the other housemates that he might be up against!

You can get all the latest up to date news from Dan Neal's friends and family, at their official support Twitter account.

Follow Dan's Friends and Family Twitter account here

Dan Neal Policeman from Big Brother
Dan Neal Policeman from Big Brother

What is Operation Yewtree, and how was Dan Neal involved?

Operation Yewtree is a British Police investigation into the alleged sex abuse reports, which accuse high profile celebrities of sexual abuse (sometimes against children) from the 1960s and 70s. The investigation started in October 2012, and has caused a great deal of shock and surprise about the histories of some of the UKs best loved celebs.

The biggest investigation was into the late Jimmy Saville. Since his death a couple of years ago, hundreds of women have come forward to the police about what Saville did to them. Yewtree is still running, and it seems like every week a new allegation comes forward, and more (now quite old) actors and celebrities are being arrested.

Dan Neal was involved with the enquiries to find out what went on, and support the investigatory team. What a hero!

If you want to find out more about Yewtree, there's lots of info about it on the Operation Yewtree wiki page.

Should someone as prolific as an policeman involved with Yewtree be allowed on Big Brother?

Is it ethically right for Channel 5 to put Dan Neal into the Big Brother house?

See results

Tell Me What YOU Think About Dan Neal from Big Brother...

Out of date polls...

These Dan polls are now out of date...but of course, you can still have your say :)

Can Dan Neal win "Big Brother Secrets and Lies" 2013?

When Dan first went into the house, the odds for him winning were 2/1, then they went to 8/ he's the favourite to win with odds of 7/2

Can Dan make it all the way?

See results

Has Dan, the Big Brother Policeman worked it out?

Can Dan work out BB's Secrets and Lies? He correctly worked out that Michael was an actor, and not a real housemate...will he be able to work out anything else?

Does Dan know that Michael is an Actor?

See results

Should Dan have got involved?

See results

Did Dan go too far in his argument with Jemima?

Wednesday 26th June 2013

If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, Dan and Jemima had a heated discussion last night (25th June). Jackie was defending Charlie to Jemima. Jemima dropped the "my child died in my arms" bomb...only for everyone to find out that the child is not dead. Regardless, Dan was annoyed that Jemima had used this to trump Jackie in their argument over Charlie.

Thus ensuing a huge argument between Jemima and Dan. Jemima thinking Dan was interfering, Dan thinking that Jemima brought Jackie's point back to Jemima, giving Jemima all the the question is...

I want to hear from you...what do you think of Big Brother 2013? Do you like Michael, the mole?

What do you think? Should Dan Neal be in the Big Brother house? Who are you voting for?

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