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who is pete doherty

Updated on July 21, 2011
Pete Doherty Naked
Pete Doherty Naked

Pete Doherty is a well known british musician who writes, and sings for the group Babyshambles.

He is know for his relationship with the model Kate Moss, along with his open use of the drug heroin, amongst other drugs.

Pete Doherty started his music career with a band called the Libertines. He formed this band with his friend Carl Barat in the late 90's. They gained a mainstram sucess with the realse of their debut album in 2002 called Up the Bracket.

He become praised and criticized for his good songwriting skills, but also his bad drug taking habits. He split from the band and then rejoined them months later after a spell in prison.

It was then in his final days that Pete Doherty founded his new group Babyshambles, and their first album Down in Albion was released in 2005.

Pete Doherty has a troubled relationship with his family, with his mother even publishing a book about Pete.

Pete Dohety also had a relationship with the model Kate Moss, and they where engaged to be married. This all cam to a quick end, when Pete was photographed in the UK tabloids along with Kate Moss smoking heroin. Kate was quickly advised by various companies she was contracted with that things would have to quickly change, and so they split.

Currently Pete Doherty is working with the Babyshambles group, and they are finishing their third studio album.


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