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The W Hotel, Shattered Windows, and Deaths

Updated on July 2, 2011

The W Hotel is attended by many for its swank rooftop patios, but this attraction is growing to become a disaster for the summer of 2011. Glass windows have shattered for no apparent reason and most horrific of all are the human casualties. There are three incidents hitting major headlines occurring within a short two month timeframe:

Shattered glass by the fall of the two women.
Shattered glass by the fall of the two women.

Atlanta, Georgia

May 28, 2011: LaShawna Threatt was celebrating her 30th birthday on the rooftop patio of W Atlanta Hotel with her friend Cierra Williams. Threatt and Williams both fell through the 10th floor glass window killing Threat and hospitalizing Williams.Atlanta police report from some sources that the two women were play wrestling near a window, hit the window, and fell. Ray Hamilton, Threatt’s fiancé, and many other eyewitness disputes the allegations that the two women were wrestling.Hamilton states the party was ending, the two women hugged with Threatt’s back up against the window, and then ‘they just went out’.

Falling glass from W hotel of Austin.
Falling glass from W hotel of Austin.

Austin, Texas

June 10, 2011 : Two glass panels fall and injury four pool guests. Investigations are ongoing as to what caused the windows to shatter and fall.

June 27, 2011 : Three glass panels from two unoccupied rooms fall more than 20 stories on pedestrians. According to General Manager Drew McQuade, one glass panel on the 31st floor was broken and its falling debris caused the window panels on the 29th and 22nd floors to break.

Washington D.C.

June 29, 2011: According to eyewitnesses, a 47 year old unidentified woman was drinking at the POV bar on the rooftop patio of the W Hotel and then voluntarily climbed over the fenced patio. She was then seen hanging from an overhang one story below the rooftop and then dropped ten stories. Authorities believe this incident to be a possible suicide.

The WashingtonD.C.incident can just be a random unfortunate incident with the W hotel being the backdrop, but the Austin, Texasand Atlanta, Georgiaincidents have the hotel for blame. Even if the Washingtonwomen were ‘allegedly’ wrestling, one was a model and the other a dancer and both weighed between 110 – 120 pounds. Is it possible that these two women were wrestling with such force that their lightweight bodies would be able to shatter the windows? If so, then that means those windows are severely thin. The General Manager basically admitted fault to the Austinincident and investigation is still ongoing as to what caused the initial glass panel on the 31st floor to be broken – especially from a room that was unoccupied. With little to answers as to causes of these incidents, the public can only wait as the investigations continue.


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