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why WWE shows will stay tv-pg for a while

Updated on January 3, 2011

The TV-14 era is gone for now.

Fans are wondering when and or will the WWE go back to its old rating of TV-14. When it was TV-14 as started in the "attitude" era of around 1998, people liked the edgy story lines and some of the more hardcore matches. The Divas also helped out by bringing diversity to the female role in wrestling which before was just a valet (arm candy of little importance) to the ring. It made many wrestlers careers sky rocket to popularity, most notably Stone Cold Steve Austin. The closest to them during the first years at TV-14 was the old ECW, then WCW a few months after it folded away. It also made some matches very popular and unique like Hell in a Cell, TLC, hardcore match, first blood and inferno match. At TV-14 the fan base increased and the WWE then started to become more popular in TV and other media outlets. It made owner Vince McMahon a billionaire within a short time. Hollywood and TV shows started even using some of their wrestlers to boost interest and ratings. Some landed roles outside the WWE in movies, acting, guess to shows and health nutrition commercials to name some. Believe it or not they even still were able to sell toys of their wrestlers. The TV market was from teens to about 43 year olds mostly males. Of course there were a few of a younger crowd since toys were sold and we know adults don't buy them they buy other items like shirts, DVD's, video games and so on.

In 2009, the WWE switch its rating from TV-14 to TV PG for all TV shows. Many people including myself believe it was for the fact that Linda McMahon, Vince's wife, was running for a senate seat. It may have been thought that her opponents would use the WWE's shows against her by showing lewd or extreme content from the show. They are more likely to use clips from a show during the election time since by then it has already switch to TV PG so they may have had a harder time digging for dirt. They can only go backwards and talk of the past. The election has passed and Linda had lose the election but it still stayed at TV PG. Other reasons it switch and stayed are for the fact that Vince wants to broaden the audience to a larger age and likely make more money. The WWE suffered for a short time over the death of Chris Benoit and Vince seen his income and ratings shrink, possibly do to upset fans and groups. Plus not just the WWE or wrestling but sports in general had issues with drug use especially steroids (and similar hormonal drugs). So the WWE wanted to clean up its act since the media hounds wrestling especially the WWE and its history the most. So now it is more family friendly but an edgier or hard TV PG, so more can watch its shows bringing more potential income. With this new rating it has a deal with Mattel, a toy company famous for making Barbie. With Mattel there can't be a TV 14 rating since they won't be able to sell toys to children which is what Mattel's market has always been. Plus parent may not let their children watch a TV 14 show which will hurt profit. They have a contract until 2014 so until that contract is switched, shortened or come up with new deal(s) the WWE will likely stay TV PG for a least the end of 2014. Then 2015 it may change back. The thing is their competition TNA may not effect their content rating as long as the WWE beats them in ratings. Which they beat them when it was TV 14 and as it beats them now at TV PG. so likely competition will have little effect until it goes neck and neck. The only thing now is to keep fresh and interesting story lines for the fans to enjoy as they did when it was TV 14.


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