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Best French Foreign Romantic Comedy Movie Ever Made - Amelie

Updated on April 23, 2016

Why I feel Amelie is the Best & Most Beautiful Film Ever

Here's where I aim to show you why I adore this movie more than any other movie in the world!

And if you haven't seen it... then perhaps this can convince you to watch this delightfully wonderful, fun film.

I honestly think that this movie is good for the world! There's nothing negative about this movie.. it's so gorgeously uplifting, positive and affirming... I think it's important for everyone to see it... I really do!

And if you have seen it... and you're a big fan like me... then please sit back and reminiscise this gorgeous film and then perhaps share your own thoughts about your reasons for loving it?

And please don't be turned off in any way because it's a foreign film... in fact... I would definitely go so far to say that it's its frenchness that is what gives it very special added touch of romance and uniqueness! I just could not imagine this film in English and would feel it blasphemus to even think it :)

I Love Amelie Poulain Forever

When I first saw Amelie on the big screen... it appealed to me and touched the deepest parts of my soul and heart. (I know that sounds all mushy and corny... but it's the truth). I came away from the movie theatre all light headed, happy and full of hope.

It's uniqueness, sweetness and beautiful story of love on all different levels just filled every inch of my heart... and I completely fell head over heels for Amelie... she is the most adorable screen character I've ever had the pleasure of watching!

Plus the added quirkiness of the animation thrown in here and there is pure delight... like getting little presents thrown at you from time to time.

Not to mention the pure comedy of so much of the movie... it's just pure brilliance in my mind!!

You see... I related to her so much...firstly because like her... I feel different... and because I'm definitely a person that does... and must... spend a lot of my time alone. It's like my alone time is what keeps me sane...what recharges me... what keeps me going to get through life in tact and happy.

But yet... even though I must have that time alone... on the other end of the spectrum in the times I often do not wish to be alone... I simply must have and always need love in my life... on all different levels! I'm very lucky that I do already have so much of that! But I'm still always searching for love through other means... the kind of love we don't normally think about or see... the love for our fellow man... the love for strangers. Just as Amelie is searching for and creating the very same thing.

So watching Amelie reinforces to me my need for helping or at least showing love to my fellow man.

Now do you see why I love this movie so?

Amelie Poulain Movie Stills - Beautiful Moments of the film

I made this video myself with stills from the movie... my very first foray into video making. I've already made two more movies since :)

Fabulous Amelie Fan Art

By ~Green Shoelace on DeviantArt

By ~Setsunacutey on DeviantArt

By ~selene231 on DeviantArt

Haven't seen the movie... do yourself a favor! :)

Oh So Sweet Amelie

Tell me what your favourite part of the movie is?

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    • CoeGurl profile image

      CoeGurl 5 years ago from USA

      You make me want to see this movie -- well done!

    • Millionairemomma profile image

      Millionairemomma 5 years ago

      I love this movie too!

    • The Spotted Olive profile image

      The Spotted Olive 6 years ago

      I absolutely love every part of this movie!!! I don't know if I can actually pick a favorite part because it is all so wonderful.