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Why To Use A Plastic Role Playing Mat For Dungeons And Dragons 3.5 And Other RPG's

Updated on February 24, 2014

At first glance the Chessex Role Playing Mat isn't terribly exciting. However once your DM or game host goes to work, the mat quickly turns into the scene of an exciting battle. May it be a bunch of orcs and kobolds facing your group of heroes or them entering into an epic fight with the ancient red dragon and his evil henchmen.

After upgrading to the Chessex mat I never looked back to the old days of pen and paper. Constantly drawing new maps that were slightly different or marking events was a terrible hassle. On this mat you simply wipe out the original and draw a new map and its very easy to have the map reflect changes because of actions of the PC's or monsters.

It saves a lot of paper and more importantly makes the game run much smoother and faster. Allowing for more uptime and fun challenges for your players. It was definitely a change that was well received in my gaming group and I recommend it for every DM out there.

We use it for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition but the mat works for most tabletop role playing games and miniatures. Including Pathfinder and D&D 4th Edition. However you can also use the mat without miniatures although the need for it will not be as great. In my opinion it greatly increases how interesting combat scenarios are, to utilize miniatures and a mat.

The one last thing I'd like to recommend is to get a few different colors of pens with it, that way you can mark important details a little more effectively. Which increases the chance of your PC's utilizing the little details in the maps you design for them. I

Need some help with your Dungeons and Dragons map drawing skills? No problem, Youtube will help you out! Check out these vids for in depth advice on how to take your mapping to the next level.


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