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Why TV is EVIL - simulated reality and brainwashing by repetition

Updated on May 27, 2011
Old TV was never late for dinner
Old TV was never late for dinner

TV was like a family member

In the past century, movies and TV have been used to shape society in many ways. From consumer culture to body image, we have all been brainwashed by the tube one way or another. When I was a kid I used to watch TV from about 20 inches away from it for hours literally immersing myself into the screen, I was a huge fan of cartoons and still am. My parents noticed that but other than being worried for my eyesight they never doubted the educational value of TV. I could literally watch anything I wanted form very early on, my parents were usually too busy or too tired to really censor what I was watching nor where they in any way concerned with it, trusting that the tube knew what it was doing.

When I think back I get the feeling the TV was like a family member, we had one in every room where we spent lots of time and it was just natural to hear the TV run in the background while we were doing our daily chores. I think it was my Grandmother who initially became so fond of the TV that there was never a moment it was off when someone was home. I remember it running from the morning news until when in the evening she was putting me to bed as we were ate milk and cookies, watching cartoons as she would stroke my hair until I fell asleep.

You are not alone...
You are not alone...

I once asked her why she always has the TV on even when she is not watching and she told me she liked the busy sounds of people speaking on it and that this made her feel less lonely...I was very young but even then what she told me made me sad.

When my aunt and uncle retired they would always fight over the remote until one day the decided to just buy another TV and put the 2 TVs one beside another so they could each watch what they wanted in the living room together at the same time. By that time I became aware of the brainwashing abilities of the tube and I was surprised that educated people could act like that over the remote control - later realizing that most education is a form of indoctrination and brainwashing in itself. I decided to throw the TV out of my room and stopped watching about 2 years ago. I feel much more relaxed since then.

A Clockwork Orange
A Clockwork Orange

The brainwashing of generations

The effect of Television on the human mind has been thoroughly studied in the past century and many alarming studies about it's harmful effect on the human psyche have caught the attention of the public, but TV still continues to be one of the major mass media out there because of it's unique properties of delivering audio-visual stimuly to a wide public at the same time.

Have you ever observed yourself while watching TV as your muscles relax at a soothing scene on a beach or when your heartbeat starts racing at the unfolding of a scene of action or suspense, completely immersed into the ongoing story on the screen, almost in a dreamlike state as your roommate approaches you and asks for the apartment keys and you just ignore him,unable to turn your attention away from the flickering screen?

Ad Break snacks are now a profitable industry branch
Ad Break snacks are now a profitable industry branch

It doesn't even matter if you have an old black and whte tube or a widescreen HD TV, if you immerse yourself enough, you will be under the TVs spell until the ad breaks snap you out of it for just enough time to go to the kitchen and slap together a sandwich.

It's not just movies though, the effect is the same when watching news programs which have been widely accepted as official transcripts of worldwide happenings even though most TV stations are privately owned corporations. Thus,watching news is actually even worse since you are reassured that what is being broadcast is a true representation of reality, even though it has been edited in most cases and even staged and delay-edited in many so-called live transmissions.

Let's see what we have here
Let's see what we have here

Indeed, under the influence of TV the brain enters a different state of mind - it begins working in Alpha brainwave state, which is a term to describe a relaxed state of mind which makes people more open to suggestion. This state of mind is also similar to the state of mind people enter while being hypnotized or when meditating. You see the implications of the fact that billions of people spend parts of their lives in a meditative TV trance open to all sorts of suggestions?

Now imagine the the effect of a synchronized reaction of masses of people aimed at the TV during 9/11 from a sociopolitical and economical perspective.Keep in mind that repetition is one of the most effective forms of mind control and influence...remember how many times you heard the words terror,terrorist and war at the time? Catch my drift? Tv has been used to literally shape the way people think and react in order to steer this world into this New World Order of evil by robbing people of their free will without their knowledge.

Josef Mengele aka Dr. Green created a village of blonde twins bread for mind control experiments
Josef Mengele aka Dr. Green created a village of blonde twins bread for mind control experiments | Source

How could such a wide scale manipulation be possible wihtout people being in the dark about it of course. Satan truly is the most subtle beast of the field.

Mind control experiments have been going on since the Nazi scientist have been imported into the US and given new identities during CIA project Paperclip. Dring the many years this secret research has been going on, Mengele and a number of Hitler's right hand men have bread,used,abused,tortured,brainwashed and killed countless men,women and children in order to gain horrifficly detailed knowledge of how the brain,mind and body can be manipulated,influenced and controlled and the technology used is not limited to mere smoke and mirrors anymore - chemicals and drugs,radiation,microwave,ultrasound and laser technology are all playing an increasing role in perfecting the methods of mind manipulation and control.

Recommended reading

Here are some links to valuable resources on the subject of Project Paperclip, MK Ultra and Mind Control.

Sharing = Caring
Sharing = Caring

The free internet as an interactive agent of mass mind control deprogramming

Now, the internet has changed the world as one of the groundbraking inventions of our time, making media such as newspapers and TV obsolete and opening a new horizon of limitless information to anyone who would seek it. We are not anymore limited by pesky TV schedules, nor are we limited as to what we can watch - anything is available to us pretty much anytime we want it, making the lives of movie and series copyright owners, TV producers and massively overpaid actors and directors a living hell by presenting the idea of sharing as a basic human right which will eventually be the downfall of corporate ideology when it comes to information, not to mention all the plastic and paper we save by keeping stuff on hard drives and deleting it once we don't need it anymore.

Of course, many pro-copyright lobbies are bieng sponsored by mass media, music and movie productions around the world to push a censorship agenda much like the Great Firewall of China currently in operation within Communist China which would not only prohibit people from accessing sites censored by the state but also obliterate any kind of anonymity,making people easily fined for downloading MP3s. To take a stand against this you can sign up to follow newsletters and petitions from .

How Torrents Work
How Torrents Work | Source

Since my life without the TV I have become a great supporter of file sharing as it helped me grow and gain knowledge I would never have had the money to pay for, raising another question of utmost importance - is it or is it not fair to deny knowledge and thus slow down the overall progress of mankind in order to serve monetary gain of a single person or group of people? Does anyone see how this could be one of the greatest wrongs of all time?

Some people say that mankind cannot handle the truth and that spoonfeeding news and advertisements to people from the day of their birth do their deathbed isn't so bad afterall, considering all the comfort and stuff we have, but I just cannot help but remember the words of my lonely grandmother to whom the TV was her most faithful companion until the very day she died from Parkinsons disease caused by years of using sedatives and watching TV.


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    • profile image

      Anon 4 years ago

      Yeah! It's all bullshit. I stopped watching TV a couple of years ago after wasting a lifetime of watching their braindead dross. Once you reclaim your life, it's truly amazing what you can achieve. The internet and file sharing are essential to your education and awakening. Long may it last. I fear the powers that be will eventually move in, the gready bastards always seem to win in the end :(

    • profile image

      Kenny 4 years ago

      I've been without tele-vision for over decade ... I can attest to the amount of time added to life which in turn has added to projects completed.