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Why is the Game of Thrones so fascinating?

Updated on June 30, 2012

My husband brought home the complete Game of Thrones season 1 on dvd. I thought this must be some bloody mini series that I will have no interest in. So being curious as I am I sat down to view it just a little bit to see if it was worth my time. Much to my

suprise, I just could not get enough of it. The story line keeps me wanting to see more and more. I believe that the scenes are put together so well and the film allows you to see more than one story at time. The challenge to the viewer is to keep up with all that is going on. One might say that it is to busy but that is the thrill of watching the stories unfold.

I find myself disappointed when the good characters loose and the evil ones continue to win. I have been angry when the story does not take the turn I want it to take but then I realized the parallel this story has to real life. The good character with honesty and morals does not always win the battle. The world is always a stage full of drama with evil lurking out its ugly head everywhere you turn. Most people are in it for themselves and few ever try to really care about you with out some self motivating motive. There are spiritual and physical warfare constantly occuring all around us. Game of Thrones is refered to as a fantasy film. But in reality I believe that it is attracting so many viewers because it romanticizes the realities and the horrors that play out in every day life. The schemers, conquers, philosophers, soul searchers, the honorable, and the phsycopaths are all on the same stage. None will head wisdom, none will search for truth. Everyone is motivated by their evil hearts.

The several kingdoms or different people and how they coorelate reminds me of how race relations are both now and in the past. The greedest keep conquering those who rather keep to themselves and survive. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep suffering. The righteous way is constantly forsaken and portrayed as the way of weakness. There are always winners and losers and we never seem to be able to control the madness. Every one is proud and wants to be God.

We our fascinated with the ugly truth. How that we rather butcher one another than to have peace. How that to coexist and love means that you deny yourelves. Much like in the film, the world is spinning in and out of control and we often fear the wars that come but we constantly fuel the flames of a fire with our greed and hate.

I find the Game of Thrones not only intriguing because of its similarity to the real world but also because it has so many characters to like and dislike. You can not get bored with it when there are so many well put together characters.

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