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Wigs for Hot Weather

Updated on May 20, 2009

Best Wigs for Hot Weather

The number one question I get from friends and others who know I wear wigs is how do I wear a wig when it is hot outside. I must admit wearing a wig in hot weather can be uncomfortable; however if you choose the right wig and practice good wig wearing techniques you will find that wearing a wig in hot weather is no sweat at all.

With the evolution of wigs and wig making wigs are not as heavy and bulky as they use to be. There are now wigs constructed to feel and look like natural hair; and yes even wigs that work especially well in hot weather.

Choosing Your Hot Weather Wig

When choosing a wig for hot weather I have found that lightweight hand tied wigs work best; each strand of hair is tied by hand to a base and can be combed in any direction like your natural hair. These wigs are softer and cooler to wear than traditional machine wefted wigs.

In addition to hand tied wigs you should also try to purchase a wig with a breathable base. Anytime you see a wig described as capless, comfort cap, or monafilment means that it is constructed with a breathable base and will provide you with the most comfort during the summer months.

Many people also ask if a shorter wig is better than a longer wig during the summer months and I have not noticed any real difference. I have worn both short and long wigs in the summer and it is more of a style preference. When choosing my hot weather wigs I am more concerned with the construction of the wig than the length and or style of the wig.

Where To Purchase Your Hot Weather Wig

If this is your first experience wearing a wig I would suggest that you do not purchase your first wig online. Instead visit a wig boutique or wig shop and have fun trying on all the different style of wigs.

If you are an experienced wig wearer and or know what wig works best for your face and personaility then you will find shopping online for wigs an even more fun experience. I have been wearing wigs for over 7 years and purchase over 90% of my wigs online. My favorite online wig shops are the wigshop and beautytrends . I find that they both are up to date on the latest wig trends and I get the best customer service from these two companies.

Best Places To Shop For Wigs Online

My two favorite places to shop for wigs online.

What are your wig tips during the summer months

Wig Out

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    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      This was a great introductory article, especially the part about the wig shop for your first purchase. Personally, I took a lesson from the ancient Egyptians who wore wigs in the hot summer sun to protect their heads from the heat. So it's not ironic at all to think a full wig today will offer the same protection and keep you cooler. Thinner wefts sometimes let the sun's rays through, but since it's important to wear a cap underneath, that's taken care of too. Synthetic fibers seem to be a lot more manageable in the hot sun, and a full cap keeps my head protected all day long. I could never go out in summer without one, and full lace let me tie it up in a ponytail or whatever suits me :)

    • profile image

      Softwarellc 6 years ago

      Really very nice information you have given really .. thanks for this informative lens


    • profile image

      MissTressesWigs 7 years ago

      Great article and advice on wigs in the warmer weather, we find that customers are happier with lighter, mid length face framing wig styles and hair pieces during the summer months.

      You'll find a great selection of fashion wigs at