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William Hurt

Updated on November 15, 2014

My Connection

January 2007 we were flying from Portland, Oregon, USA on the direct flight to Frankfurt (to make connection to Athens).  In the check-in queue we were struggling with the maximum amount and weight of luggage.  The man in front of us had one small bag.  He offered to help move our bags when our turn came.  In the conversation we told him we lived on a Greek island and he volunteered that he lived outside of Paris.

I thought he looked familiar but it did not dawn on me until later that he was William Hurt.  We occasionally nodded and waved when we saw him on the airplane and later in the Frankfurt terminal--both of us waiting for a connecting flight.

It turns out after some research that we have another connection as well: The Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

William made his stage debut there and Karin and I, ahem, made another kind of debut in Ashland while attending the festival. We fell in love.

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Latest Update

I am happy to see William is still turning out good new movies. He appeared in a bunch in 2011 and has a new release in 2012. For 2013 there is a whopping four projects in post production or filming.

As a mature--not old yet--person I like to see mature actors at work.

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