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Help and Learn while Playing a Game in FreeRice

Updated on April 11, 2015

Example of FreeRice avatar that you can share to everyone

the avatar that you can download in the site and spread the word about Free Rice.
the avatar that you can download in the site and spread the word about Free Rice. | Source

Help and learn with FreeRice

Did you know that you can help feed the nation and reduce the hunger’s cry in a simple way without necessarily donating a penny? Well, just play a simple game in You can help, learn at the same time and don’t forget to have some fun too!

A friend recommended this site to do something sensible during our idle time. At first glance, it grabbed my curiosity and attention. I learned that it is a nonprofit website run by United Nations World Food Program in partnership with the Berkman Center for internet and society at Harvard University. Furthermore, in one issue of the IRRI (International Rice research Institute) bulletin where it is featured, it says that FreeRice is a sister site of The world poverty site was created for all the people around the world who want to end poverty... wow! that is interesting!

After checking whether the site really offer something sensible or just another bogus internet stuff, here are some additional things I have found out:

  • FreeRice began on October 7, 2007 and has two goals: provide education to everyone for free and help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free
  • It has sponsors to made this possible. Their donation reaches 12,255,121,230 in the year 2007; a significant increase in the year 2008 with 43,942,622,700 grains; reaches 67,238,803,440 in 2009 and as of April 11, 2015, the total donation is 98 091 189 740 of grains (based from site stat). It is great to know that as time goes by, the donation increases. It could only mean that people around the globe are aware so they play, they might find this as an obsession as well so they are eager to answer more questions correctly. Spending more time playing really boosted up the grain donation. Since it is educational and for a good cause, I think it’s not that bad, right? Just don't forget your limitation, it’s not that good for your health if you overly use your eyes or forgot to eat your meals. Remember to be responsible.

Because of this initiative, I can help and they are also helping me to learn, it is a win-win situation, isn't that great? It will only cost your time and an internet connection to rev up your rice donation but it’s worth it.

You or even your kids can choose from various subjects: Art, Chemistry (basic and intermediate), English, Geography, Language learning and Mathematics. My favorite is English vocabulary because words really make my world topsy-turvy and how can I possibly play with them (in composing poems) if I barely knew them so this help me to improve.

How to Donate Rice?

Playing the Game

Visit default topic is English vocabulary but you can change it and just pick the topic that catches your interest. Once you are there, steps are easy to follow. Just read on the right side for the guide on how to play the game. Answer the questions correctly as much as you can. When you get it right, they will donate 10 grains, if wrong, no reduction in the previous grains collected (so there’s nothing to fear about) however less grain for donation. Anyway it will still depend on your motivation to help.

Whatever status you have right now, it does not matter; you can help lessen the stomach’s cry! So it’s up to you...but hoping you will still choose to help and support this program.

If you still want more information- just explore the site and play

Or read this comprehensive information and see for yourself-,,

Thank you for your time. Now let's play!

for more options of the campaign material to choose from, just check the link.
for more options of the campaign material to choose from, just check the link.
screenshot from the FreeRice site.
screenshot from the FreeRice site. | Source


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