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The World’s End vs. This Is The End

Updated on October 20, 2013
Scene from The World's End
Scene from The World's End | Source

Simon Pegg The World’s End

The World’s End is a British comedy release summer 2013. It is the story of five high school buddies who, 20 years after graduating high school, return to their hometown to re-attempt a 12 pub pub crawl only to suddenly become involved in a fight to save humanity.

Sounds plausible right? I mean; it could happen.

The movie is the third in an unconnected trilogy which is an ode to big budget Hollywood movies by British comedian/actor/writer, Simon Pegg. His 2004 release, Shaun of the Dead, a comedic zombie movie was his twist on horror films while 2007’s Hot Fuzz was Pegg’s send up of Hollywood action films. The World’s End is his nod to big budget science fiction films. His long time collaborator and co-star Nick Frost appears in the movie as well. Frost also appeared in Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz.

Seth Rogan’s This Is The End

This Is The End is the story of how a group of Hollywood actors get stuck at James Franco’s house during the apocalypse and how they “save” themselves.

Seth Rogan gathers together a group of actors who have appeared with him in several movies such as James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson and Jonah Hill. One of the twists in this movie is that the actors are all supposedly playing themselves. Or at least screen versions of themselves.

The essence of the plot is that they are all at James Franco’s house for a party when the end of the world occurs. Several of them are all trapped at Franco’s house. The rest of the story concerns how they all deal with the apocalypse.

British Humor v. American Humor

Both movies are wacked out, out of this world and contain lots of laugh out loud moments. What is different is how each film tackles the humor. Here the writing is key and it is in this context that the difference between British and American humor comes through.

Both movies rely for the most part on the interplay between each group of men as they deal with the situations they find themselves in.

This is the End relies much more on the raunchy shock humor that is a mainstay of Seth Rogan, Judd Apatow and the like. One too-long argument between Danny McBride and James Franco about masterbating and cumming and how and where to cum and what to cum on is funny, but plays for far too many laughs and ends up being uncomfortable. You are laughing at the pure unadulterated raunchiness of the dialogue, not because the lines themselves are all that funny. You just want the scene to end.

The World’s End is full of sarcastic whit and dialogue in which the actors “take the piss out of each other,” as the British say. In this case you don’t want them to stop because it is so funny. Not to mention the fact that you can tell that they are having an amazing time doing the scenes and working together. It really makes the movie worth watching.

British Humor vs. American Humor

What movie is funnier?

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This is the End
This is the End | Source

Aliens v Demons

The World’s End and This is the End succeed as satires of apocalyptic science fiction movies. The focus is obviously on how people react in the most extreme situations. The former centers around ordinary people and how they deal with the fact that aliens have invaded their childhood hometown; the humor involves their situation of course, but also is inspired by lingering memories and resentments of their school days. There is some great writing by Simon Pegg and his long-time collaborator Edgar White and you find yourself hanging on every word.

This Is The End, by having the actors “play themselves” offers a take on the question: What would a famous person do in X situation? This time, the X situation is the end of the world. The beginning of the movie shows lots of actors at Franco’s party, playing versions of themselves.

So which movie is better? It depends on whether or not you like British or American humor to tell the truth. What is also true is that they are both worth seeing. This is the End is already coming out on Blue Ray and DVD soon. The World’s End you can already pre-order.

They are both movies to be enjoyed and savored and add to the debate on whether or not British or American Humor is better.

The World's End Official Trailer


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