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WorldStarHipHop - Get Featured like MainStreem 210! It's Free!

Updated on November 13, 2012

Mainsteerm 210 @ILList_rated

Want to be feature?

Post your Video URL in the comments or go to and JOIN! It's up to us to wake up and start supporting each other!

WorldStarHipHop - A place for Artists?

Imagine having over 3 million people know who you are! The best place for ardent hip hop music fans to catch up on the latest gossip, news, videos, honeys and action is at For this very reason WorldStarHipHop also happens to be a great place for hip hop artists to have their videos hosted. It is a website which offers great videos, news, and much more on urban life and music. In fact, I have heard them being refered to as the Ghetto CNN, Hood CNN and even the CNN of Hip Hop. This is because it goes down at WSHH. Some new websites such as have copied the WSHH look and concept in an attempt to pull some World Star traffic. Other sites like have provided platforms for artists and others to upload and promote their own videos free of charge. Then there are sites like out there helping to breed the next generation of stars by pumping out free information on getting into nightlife and entertainment careers while still providing a platform for nightclubs to list themselves and for promoters to post events and pictures of prior events.

MORE on the Ghetto CNN

The biggest acctraction at is definitely the videos. Worldstar Hip Hop has a massive database of videos that any fan can easily scroll through. You can easily watch videos of some of the top Hip Hop artist without having to jump from one site to the next on the internet. There is also a page for the fellas which host videos of world star hip hop honeys. There are also special interest videos within the database of the website. There are over 260 pages of videos which also contain news clips, blog videos, promo videos, videos from indepedent artists, etc. The site is for adult viewers only and cannot be viewed by anyone under 18 because there are some adult content. gets about 3.4 million viewers each month. At its peak the website has getten as many as 4.7 million visitors The site is also among the 1,000 top websites by Alexa's standards.

The site was founded by “Q” who is also known as the Talent Breaker. He started the website in 2005. Today the site brings to users and members a daily dose of hip hop videos that come from all corners the world. One thing that aided in building this empire was the service that Q and his staff has done for the hio hop community by help new artist get their music to such a huge audience.

The site’s content contains six links which are labeled WSHH Official Honeys, Official Partners, Video Home, Jordan Tower Films, Contact, and RSS. The Honey’s tab contains videos and photos of the site’s official models. The RSS tab is where site visitors can opt for getting RSS feeds and receive updates when there are new content on the site. There is a tab that allows visitors to contact the website owners for uploading their video.

Promoting Yourself and your Videos for FREE!

While you can send your own videos to WorldStar Hip Hop to be viewed, only certain videos actually make the cut. This gives the sites admin total control of what content is put out. Artists who have inquired with WorldStarHipHop say that it may cost a minimum of $700 to get your videos posted. But hope is not lost. Similar websites such as and allow users to upload videos that go directly to the websites front page for absolutely FREE. These videos are even tweeted and retweeted to thousands of followers. is a grerat website for upcoming artist and DJ's to post or stream their music videos. These videos are streamed out to the websites twitter followers and even distributed to the users via newsletter. This is a really good way for new artists and DJ's to get exposure. is a great website for nightlife promoters and DJ's by helping them to connect to thier local fan base. This site allows promoters and DJ's to post videos, club pics, events, and club stories. RSVP's can be collected from fans who visit posted events. Promoters and DJ's can even take advantage of the websites club directory and club reviews.

Get Found, Get Followed, Get Famous!

Becoming the Talk of the Town

The City’s Chat is a website dedicated to putting you directly in the center of the mix. Many of you want to become celebrated, distinguished, popular or famous. You want to influence, arts such as music, television, production, writing, marketing, and modeling. You want to be what every one is talking about. The City’s Chat gives you an opportunity to be in the spot light and have your first taste of stardom. The City's Chat is also currently an exclusive membership site that manually approves each member.

Clubs and venues are able to post their information to the sites club/venue directory which is linked to google maps. Members have an are able to rate and review the clubs and venues hosted on the website.

Models, Artists, DJ's and the like can request to get upgraded profiles. These user will have access to ad to post, track, and manage events and receive RSVP's.

Mainstream Music 210 - Texas Artist who is Featured on The Citys Chat

WorldStarChat is for the People!

There seems to be a new age in Marketing. This new age that I speak of is the readily available and misunderstood age of technology. With sites like YouTube you can become your own television network. Facebook is keeping you connected. Myspace is funneling your image, style and brand to others. Twitter is an instant portal for your own breaking news. Ezine endorses your written journalism. Digg puts you in the review pool. Click Bank monetizes your project. And now WorldStarChat distributes your content to other social media networks to help you build popularity and stardom.

WorldStarChat not only helps you get instant exposure but is dedicated to 2 more main things. One is teaching people how to get exposure using tricks that are widely used in other markets but seldom used in the urban or minority owned industries. The second is to simply partner with other successful people to help provide more tools and resources for making money in this cold, cold world.

If you really think about it, learning to harness the power of the internet may be the one skill that makes the difference in your success. From content, to marketing, to ranking, to making money……. These skills will excel you into the Matrix.

How to Become a Night Club Promoter

Get free information and tips to help you dominate the Night Club Promo life by watching this video on how to be a promoter, Q&A


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