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x factor final 2010 winner matt cardle

Updated on August 25, 2011

Sunday Night

So Cher had gone, and only One Direction, Matt Cardle and Rebecca were left singing for their position in the final two. The three final acts and none other than Take That joined together to sing 'Never Forget' and the finalists didn't sound out of place singing with some of the biggest names in pop.

Matt Cardle then took to the stage singing 'Firework' as we all know Matt likes to take on female songs and why not? He sings them better than the original half the time and tonight was no exception when he delivered an outstanding performance which was met with a huge applause from both the judges and the crowd.

One Direction then sang the same song that got them through to the live shows 'Torn' and showed just why mentor Simon Cowell chose them to begin with, they too delivered a great performance. Watch out Take That there's a new boy band in town.

Next was Rebecca Ferguson singing 'Sweet Dreams'. The liverpool lass gave a stunning performance as usual and was a far cry from the self confident girl we first saw in the auditions round.

Err the next performance probably should have carried a warning notice 'Earplugs at the Ready' yes it was none other than the x factor rejects singing Lady GaGa 'Bad Romance'. We got to watch acts such as the wolf lady, Abby and Lisa and of course the chavvy Chloe Victoria Mafia who came down from the ceiling on a giant pair of red lips wearing a pvc bra and hot pants teamed with fish net tights, and to be honest i felt x factor bosses were either exploiting the poor girl or taking the mick, we all remember Chloe Mafia was a prostitute so dressing her like one had to be x factors idea of a joke. Sorry to say that none of their voices had improved although i am sure we will see them all again next year.

Next three were about to become two when all three acts were called to the stage, each hoping for Dermott to say there names and put them into the grand final. Matt was through, followed by Rebecca which meant One Direction had not made the final two but the boys were adamant they were going to stay together, and music guru Simon Cowell promised "This is just the beginning for these boys" Watch this space One Direction fans.

Next Matt took to the stage nervous in the knowledge that he was just a step away from fullfilling his dream and life ambition, he sang what could be his winning song 'When We Collide' and as usual he gave a winning performance.

Rebecca then took to the stage equally as nervous and sang 'Distant Dreamer' which was another stunning performance from the soulful singer.

Before the final results were revealed we heard from Take That for the third time this series, and you probably noticed that they were singing the same song as they did the other week 'The Flood'. This was not purposely done, the lads had originally planned to perform their new song 'Kids' with their backing dancers dressed as riot police holding shields with Take That written on the front. Unfortunately they had to change this at the last minute as Simon Cowell thought it was distasteful considering all the latest protests and anti social behaviour.

It was finaly time for the results, who would be x factor winner 2010.............................Matt Cardle!!!! Matt was clearly very emotional and exstatic all at once, Dermott presented him with his winning single that is now selling in stores everywhere. We then saw Matt perform his winning song one last time where he was joined by all fifteen other acts. He could hardly carry on singing when the realisation hit him and the hugs from his fellow finalists reduced him to tears. Mentor Danni did a great job and Matt was the most deserving winner. Way to go Matt!!!

It has since been revealed that Matt got the most votes every week except one week when Mary did, what an achievement, hopefuly he get's Christmas number one too. See Matt's official winner's single below.

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