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Updated on May 4, 2013

XUXA - A Brazilian Super Star!

Xuxa is a Brazilian Grammy Winner star, actress, singer and most importantly to me a children's television host. As a brazilian born in 1980 I grew up watching the Xuxa show every single morning before going to school and I can guarantee that her show has influenced so many kids, like me, all over Brazil and the World. I must say that growing up watching her show, singing and dancing her songs and wearing her shoes was really fun. We all bragged about her, threw our birthday parties after her and aimed to be as pretty as she was. It turned out that XUXA has never disappointed us kids and we grew up watching her evolve into a beautiful and high ranked actress and singer, she continues to inspire kids all over the world with her television show and most importantly, she is an amazing mother of her daughter Sasha. This page is dedicated to her and I hope you find it fun!

Last Update: 05/05/13

XUXA in the 80's

In 1983 Xuxa started her career as a TV presenter at TV "Manchete" in Rio de Janeiro. After starring in a movie, the "Os Trapalhes e o Mgico de Orz" (a spoof of The Wizard of Oz.) with "Os Trapalhoes" who were the biggest comedy group in Brazil, she was hired by Rede Globo and soon became the star of the most famous kids TV show in Latin America called: XOU DA XUXA

The show aired Monday thru Friday in the mornings and had a very fun format, where kids participated in games, activities and where Xuxa and other artists performed as well. With a live audience where kids danced and jumped up and down really captivated the view at home and made kids, just like me, feel like they were part of the show.

My favorite part of the day right before heading to school was to see XUXA opening a letter from the viewers who have sent letters to her show, and my hope was always that one day she would pick mine. Sadly that did not happen for me, but the mailing address to her studio is simply embedded in my brain even after 22 years!

First Show da Xuxa Video

XUXA Curiosity

Xuxa dated the soccer legend Pele for 5 years

Polaroid Picture of Xuxa and Pele 1985

Polaroid Picture of Xuxa and Pele 1985
Polaroid Picture of Xuxa and Pele 1985

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Xuxa in the 90's
Xuxa in the 90's

XUXA in the 90's

In the 90's XUXA's popularity grew tremendously and in her late 20's she became more confident as a TV presenter, as a singer and as a movie artist. During the 90's she was nicknamed the "Rainha" which means the queen of television given her authenticity, her charisma and most importantly her wish to help people thru her shows and charity.

As according to wikipedia: "In 1991, at the height of its success, the magazine Forbes ranked XUXA among the 40 celebrities who most profited from that year. Xuxa appeared in the placement (#37), ahead of actor Mel Gibson (#38) and rapper Vanilla Ice (#40)"

While her career truly exploded out of proportions with her shows translated in a variety of languages including English, Spanish and others and with her having worldwide exposure, XUXA also decided to take a little time to dedicate to her personal goals as well. And in 1998 she became the mother of her only daughter Sasha with her boyfriend of Luciano.

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