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Yann Tiersen

Updated on September 24, 2014

A French import you should know about

Yann Tiersen is a French musician who is best known for his work on the soundtrack for the film Amelie. His music is mostly instrumental, pepper with unconventional instruments such as harpsicord, toy piano, typewriter, vibraphone. Besides the Amelie soundtrack, my other favorites are Goodbye Lenin! and C'était Ici.

Reasons to love Yann Tiersen

My first taste of Yann Tiersen's music: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain

If you haven't check out Yann Tiersen's music, I suggest you get the Amelie soundtrack first, even if you haven't seen the movie. This soundtrack has become my go-to music, especially at time when I feel sluggish. When I was living in Washington DC, I listened to this Parisian soundtrack during my walk to work. That music always makes everything looks and feels like Paris -- even when I was trying to walk through snow packed sidewalks during the frigid winter. I even cook to that music -- everything I do becomes less of a chore.

My favorite live album from Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen - C'Etait Ici

This double live CD is nothing short of amazing. The majority of Amelie music in on there, as well as some of the best instrumental pieces and vocals in French and English. This album is actually a good introduction to Tiersen's other work besides Amelie. With 29 songs on this album it is an absolute bargain.

My favorite pieces from Yann Tiersen - In no particular order

If you have not listen to any of his other stuff before, give these a try. Scroll around and play "Sur Le Fil". I have had the pleasure of attending his show during his 2010 tour and this song blew everyone away. The chilling violin solo had everyone holding their breath till the very last note.

My snapshot of Yann Tiersen during his 2010 tour

My snapshot of Yann Tiersen during his 2010 tour
My snapshot of Yann Tiersen during his 2010 tour

Check out Yann Tiersen's latest album

Dust Lane, a cinematic orchestral pop record that recalls the swagger of classic Serge Gainsbourg, the bravura of early Eno and the faded music-hall grandeur of Brits like Pulp and Divine Comedy as it veers from sunny folk-inspired songs to full choir workouts.

So you wanna play like Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen - Six pieces pour piano - Volume 2

This is the only copy of Yann Tiersen sheet music available for sale that I can find. It contains:

Comptine D'Un Autre Ete: L'Apres Midi

Le Moulin

La Dispute

Sur Le Fil

La Valse D'Amelie

Comptine D'Ete No. 2

It's a bit pricey because it is an French import. Nonetheless, every single one of those pieces are well worth the price. Once you mastered them, they are so much fun and fulfilling to play. I think they are suitable for intermediate level pianists. Having some Yann TIersen in your repertoire will definitely impress your friends.

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    • jaimepuxxle profile image

      jaimepuxxle 6 years ago

      Definately one of my favourite OST composers. I have "Amelie" and "Goodbye Lenin", and listen to them over and over whilst I'm working. A great source of inspiration!

    • MoonandMagic profile image

      MoonandMagic 7 years ago

      Beautiful composer, have tried to learn all of his pieces! lovely lens.