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Yiruma - River Flows in You - Piano Sheet Music

Updated on October 9, 2013

River Flows In You

The song "River Flows in You" by Yiriuma is heart warming. The first time I heard this song, I just knew that I had to learn to play this. And so I did. I looked up the sheet music and began practicing away. For five continuous hours I practice bit by bit by bit until I learned it.

The way that I recommend learning this is the following way: Set as a goal to learn the very first 2 bars--right hand and then left hand. Trust me, at the beginning it wasn't any easy. However, I know from experience that it is only a matter of time before you play the hold thing easily.

Listen to the song paying close attention. You will never find something you are not looking for. Our minds simply filter out what it doesn't need to know at the moment. For this reason, focus on listening to everything that is going on. Oh and yes, play for 10 seconds and stop. Repeat those 10 seconds about 10 or 30 times and eventually your brain will figure it out before you even think you did. You will learn automatically pretty much.

Yiriuma - River flows in You Sheetmusic
Yiriuma - River flows in You Sheetmusic

About Yiruma's Learning Style

Yiruma surely has been practicing and learning for many years. He actually learned very fast because he applied the correct learning techniques to learning sheetmusic.

Learning to read music is nothing more than learning to read words. You must first learn the basic letters, words, phrases and then complex writing techniques. In the same way, reading sheet music requires that you learn the basic building blocks of sheetmusic which are notes, chords, combinations of notes and then eventually entire phrases.

So how can you learn faster? Simply do this. 1. Pay attention, 2. Set a small goal of something you wish to immitate, 3. Don't stop until you achieve that small goal, 4. Set a new different small goal , 5. Repeat this entire process until you go through the entire song. Surely and surely for sure, you will learn faster than you have ever before. Give it try to trust me, you will thank me later.

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About Yiruma and River Flows in You

Yiruma is an awesome concert pianist from South Korea. Surely his popularity came from being such a talented pianist, but it was because of the King's College of London that made him famous.

His most famous songs are the ones that gave him true recognition: "May Be", "Kiss the Rain", and "River Flows in You".

I personally think that his music is New Age or New World Music and definitely not Popular music. I think that it is hard to define what type of music he plays because he brings so much color and styles to his playing that it is more like a story. If I could I would invent a new musical category called StoryLine Music because his compositions surely resemble stories.

All throughout his playing one can feel the music and the love and passion of what he is trying to convey to the listener. If you have not hear his entire album, I surely suggest that you do because you will love all the different types of tones that he brings to light. His albums are like a serie and songs are like TV episodes. Listen to his music and relax back as you fall asleep for a late saturday nap time!

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