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Big Names Small Lives

Updated on August 27, 2011
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Celebrities are loved by all- masses and classes all the same. We all envy the lives they live but not every celebrity is blessed with a peaceful and happy life. There have been plenty of celebrities who have witnessed both best and worst times in their lives and have faced a very young death especially while their careers were on the peak.

Recently, the celebrated British pop singer, AMY WINEHOUSE left us all at the mere age of 27.

In 2008, Amy won 5 Grammy awards.

Since quite some years Amy was involved in drugs and the grief of a broken marriage was yet another reason why Amy Winehouse lost her life to overdose of drugs.

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One of the most stunning looking celebrity, MARILYN MONROE was deprived contentment both during her childhood and even after she was married.

Married multiple times and acted in various remarkable movies, Marilyn Monroe, on 5th of August 1962 was found dead.

Even today the actual reasons of her death remain a mystery.

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He had a huge role in presenting Marshal Arts in the movies in an all new way.

‘Enter The Dragon’, ‘Return Of The Dragon’, ‘Fist Of Fury’ and a lot of other movies became trendsetters.

But unfortunately, at a young age of 32 years, BRUCE LEE passed away when his popularity was at its peak.

His death left many a questions behind which still remained unanswered.

There have been various speculations surrounding his death such as consumption of drugs in a wrong way and techniques of Marshal Arts but the actual reasons still remain unsettled.

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In May 1992, she appeared on the cover page of Vogue magazine which pushed ANNA NICOLE SMITH at the peak of her popularity.

She did manage to become a successful model and a popular TV Artist but could not find happiness in her personal relationships.

Her first marriage happened at the age of 17 years.

The loss of her 20 year old son left Anna surrounded in deep depression.

She eventually passed away at the age of 37 due to overdose of drugs.

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Celebrated Hollywood actor HEITH LEDGER also passed away at a very young age of 28 years.

Remembered for his movies such as ‘Brokeback Mountain’, ‘Casanova’ for his amazing acting skills, Heith reportedly died due to incorrect consumption of medicines.

Making a career in Hollywood at the mere age of 14 years, BRITNEY MURPHY acted in various hit movies.

Along with achieving publicity from the small screen, Murphy fell in the category of those actors who died at a young age due too incorrect consumption of medicines.

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The breathtakingly gorgeous PRINCESS DIANA whose popularity spread all over the world was the most photographed woman of all times.

Her fairytale marriage to Prince Charles could not buy her much happiness.

Cracks in her marriage and reported affairs became headlines.

Princess Diana very unfortunately died at the age of 36 leaving many eyes moist.

The King Of Pop, MICHAEL JACKSON might not be young at the time of his death but even at the age of 50 the height of his popularity was out of the world.

Dragged into various controversies, Michael Jackson had to face it all.

Overdose of drugs and various other speculations surround his death.

All that glitters is not gold. Do you agree?

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    • LADYGIRL profile image

      LADYGIRL 6 years ago

      I like your articles on all of the celebrities who has passed on. That for given homage to them and for all they have done. Good Hub