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Your Next Stereo Should Have HD Radio

Updated on August 23, 2018

Benefits of HD radio over AM, FM, Sirius, and XM satellite radio.

I've been using an HD car radio since Christmas, 2010. I've really enjoyed a lot of the benefits of an HD radio, as well as the amount of money we have saved compared to the cost of having satellite radio.

HD radio is something that really changed the way I listened to music.

I've discovered many new stations and lots of new music to enjoy.

Photo by: SCA Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget

HD radio receiver home stereo
HD radio receiver home stereo

There will be a lot more radio stations to choose from

The radio stations you listen to now will come in better

The selection of radio stations you will have available will expand quite a lot. I have an "only grunge" rock station, lots of Christian music stations, sports stations, including local USF radio, oldies. All in addition to the regular stations I already was getting.

My favorite radio station is now 107.3 HD2 "The Wave" which plays "World Class Rock." Kinda between Easy listening and traditional rock. Think Sheryl Crow, Matchbox 20, Third Eye like that.

Some of the stations that had their formats and names changed are back! Thunder, a classic rock station that I really liked, is now and HD2 station.

If you want to see what stations are in your area, check out You can put what city you live in there and it lists them right out.

If you want to stay with what you know, your normal stations will produce CD quality sound. Some songs I did not like, a "Counting Crows" one in particular, were improved enough that I now like the song. I could hear a lot more of it.

To me, HD radio was very much like the transition from normal TV to High Definition TV, DVD, or Blu Ray.

The songs I already liked sound amazing now, and I hear much more detail.

Picture: HD radio can be added to your home stereo system.

Gigaware HD receiver
Gigaware HD receiver

HD radio has no monthly fee

SiriusXM costs $7.99 a month

HD radio $0

That's right, HD radio has no monthly fee. Once you buy the equipment, you're done. Up front costs are very comparable to a "regular" stereo, at least for the car stereo that I bought.

On top of that, if you do decide to get satellite radio one day, most models are equipped to do that as well. Mine can!

Picture: You can even add HD radio to your iPad or iPhone

Insignia HD radio touchscreen
Insignia HD radio touchscreen

You do not have to worry about the weather

SiriusXM can be effected by cloud cover, rain, and other inclement weather.

HD radio is goes right over the same radio waves that your local radio station uses.

There is no dongle or module to have installed and sit on your dash or roof, begging a would-be thief to come take it. The receiver replaces your in dash radio and works off your car's own antenna.

If you aren't good with electronics, get a professional to install your radio if you are buying it for your car. Any audio shop will install them for a fee. I was able to install my new HD radio in my car with some pointers and an adapter from a friend, and some basic soldering skills.

Insignia even has a touchscreen with local traffic, although it is in short supply. They do have other HD radio products.

Picture: Pioneer head unit, car radio

Have you tried HD Radio?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @janey126: I really like HD Radio, but I'm afraid it won't catch on b/c new adopters use internet streaming audio. I recently tested Sony's HD radio. It pulled in distant stations at night, making me wish high-end HD radios were more common.

    • janey126 profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow what a great info and lensâ¦just awesome!


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