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Youth Media Images in Videos

Updated on December 16, 2013

“The images coming from these music videos are very powerful and influential,” Cynthia Frisby an associate professor of the university's School of Journalism said. “Young audiences may interpret these sexually objectifying images as important ways to be seen as attractive and valuable to society, especially with how pervasive these videos are throughout our culture.”

So many young people today are being fed conflicting information. While organizations attempt to empower women, the media attempts to objectify women under the belief that sex sells. One of the most effective tools that degrade and objectify women: music videos. There are many videos displaying messages that convey women as disposable objects. Music video images often are filled with blatant messages; praising promiscuity, large backsides, and the importance of being the main one-night-only event of any rapper or entertainer in attempts to obtain money.

Young men and women are confused with the way each gender should evaluate and value each party. The message to young women is to sleep with the man with the most money for the purpose of being taken care of financially. The message is if you just look physically attractive enough, and sleep with the right person, there is endless wealth. An empty promise sold to women is that their promiscuous behavior and looks will result in money, cars, and shopping sprees.

The message to men is that the world is an oasis of thirsty (money hungry gold-diggers) women just waiting for their turn to lay in their bed and serve your every need in exchange for a lifestyle lift. Don't believe me; then just watch the message that these video's convey to young ladies sending them the message that they can become a celebrity overnight or you can have whatever you like.

Derogatory terms are thrown out at will that show disrespect and disregard, while the victims of these words wear them as a badge of honor.

The videos rarely show the effects and results of attempting to have a pay-check baby or attempting to sleep one's way to the top: A sad reality is often the results of chasing money which comes with attempting to sleep your way to the top. This merry-go-round causes men to disrespect women and themselves. This merry-go-round also causes women to disrespect other women as well as themselves. This need for image over substance is the reason why a woman would be a purse and not pay her bills on time because the image of having this object means she is someone. To an extent this is true. She is someone who makes foolish decisions with her money and is a liability. She also is sending the superficial, priority backwards signal which will attract her rachet counterpart. (The urban dictionary defines rachet as: a non-classy human-being in presence. They usually have the worst grammar problems and they always try to pick fights with everybody). This causes men to choose women of no substance to interact with thus creating negative relationships and interaction.

The media must take responsibility for more positive images and that starts with the men and women of today.


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