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Yu Darvish

Updated on May 16, 2013

Who Is Yu Darvish?

Yu Darvish is the new Japanese player from the Texas Rangers who has received a lot of publicity. Over 4 million Japanese people watched Darvish's debut in Texas, and in Japan, it was 9 in the morning. Japan loves Yu Darvish, and they have ever right to. Yu Darvish had an ERA under 2 in the Japanese leagues, and has mastered 7 pitches. It is almost impossible for any pitcher to master 7 pitches, and that is one of the many talents Yu Darvish has that makes him special.

Yu Darvish's First Game As A Ranger

Yu Darvish, as MLB Network said, was getting butterflies and was most likely nervous during his first game. This was Yu Darvish's first game for the Rangers, and the United States. Darvish was wild in the first inning and gave up 4 runs. However, after Darvish got out of the first inning, he was lights out and only gave up 4 hits and no additional walks through 4.2 innings (after the first inning). Darvish got a feel for his environment, America, and then he felt confident and pitched a great game. Most people might believe that this was a bad start, but Darvish gave up most of his hits, runs, and all of his walks in the first inning. After the first inning, he pitched like an ace. Darvish still won the game because Nelson Cruz and the Rangers scored enough runs to give Darvish a comfortable lead.

A Question For You About Yu Darvish

Despite a shaky start in the first inning, Yu Darvish proved to be stable for the rest of his MLB debut. Darvish mastered 7 pitches in the Japanese leagues and had an ERA under 2 in Japan. MLB Network analysts have different opinions about Yu Darvish, but the best way to judge his potential is to give him time. So, here is an interesting question for you.

Do You Think Yu Darvish Is One Of The Best MLB Pitchers Right Now?

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Yu Darvish's Statistics in Japan

This is the average of his 5 years on his Japanese team, the Nippon Ham Fighters.

76 wins

28 loses

128 games

50 complete games

15 shut outs

1024.1 innings pitched

691 hits

196 earned runs

39 home runs

221 walks

1083 K's

.890 WHIP

These statistics belong to any quality pitcher in the United States because in average, Yu Darvish always pitches 200 innings or more, wins over 70% of the time (and now he's with the Rangers). On average he give up less than 40 ER a season which is better than even some of the best pitchers in the game. 39 home runs in 5 seasons means an average of less than 8 home runs given up every season! Yu Darvish has over 200 K's per year, a good WHIP, and a good walk rate as well at about 40-45 walks per year.

Yu Darvish was a great signing for the Texas Rangers if he could keep those numbers up in the Majors.

Yu Darvish Is Showing Progress

Yu Darvish had an excellent start against the Twins awhile ago. He only gave up one run, and that is really good, but he was found in a lot of bases loaded predicaments. Darvish had an even better outing against the Detroit Tigers who are an offensive team. Yu Darvish is slowly getting into the MLB spirit where he can pitch like a real ace!

How Do You Like Yu Darvish?

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