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Will You Need A Zombie Survival Kit?

Updated on November 12, 2012

Seriously, it's just a matter of time until a Zombie turns up somewhere in the world!

Imagine this ...

Is This Fact Or Fiction? You never know when the time may come that you will be glad that you had a zombie survival kit in the cupboard! A survival kit may be the only thing that keeps you from becoming a zombie when the zombie apocolypse becomes a reality.

Its 7:30am, you have just sat down to have your morning cuppa, turn on the news and are confronted by pictures flashing on the screen. Amateur videos shot with cell phones repeating. Morgues, hospitals, car accidents, bloody children and adults walking around looking dazed. There are quick interruptions from the reporter on and off in between the gruesome images. The only words on the news ticker at the bottom of the screen are:


My Zombie Story

Please read my original zombie story below and let me know what you think by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page

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A Zombie Survival Story ... Well Sort of Anyway

It could happen .... this is my story

Breakfast was eaten in silence. As Brayden looked over his family, he couldn't believe they were all still alive. Well, they were . . . his family anyway . . . but his neighbors, friends . . . he thought about his friend Zac who was just with them the night before but now gone.

No sun was shining through the large kitchen windows because they had earlier been boarded up. Some of the glass had been smashed but mostly it was to prevent any "unwanted" from finding them inside. The kitchen was a mess. Anything that wasn't completely broken was covered in blood, including the floor. Brayden turned to his mum who had her face down over a cold cup of instant coffee. Her face was slightly gray, as if she were one of the dead. But no one was really dead anymore. Looking at his youngest brother Matt, he suddenly felt like crying. What kind of life would his little brother have now? Would he even survive this? At least Richard has a chance. He's practically an adult already, plus he can fight. Looking at his younger brother he felt pride over what he had seen him do the night before.

Brayden eyed his dad. A heavy weight settled into his stomach. His dad looked so fragile, as if all his bones could break at the smallest touch. He knew he would have to step up for the family now. He knew they would be looking to him for guidance.

He jumped up from the table so abruptly that his youngest brother and mum both squeaked with fright. He felt disgusted with how frightened they were. There was no room to be scared any more. He stalked through the ransacked house and stopped at the front window to scan the streets for survivors. Their house sat at the fork of two streets so it was a good place to keep look out. As he stood there darkness came over his eyes as he thought about what his family had just been through.

Brayden had only come in for the weekend. He had never planned on an extended stay. The night before he was to leave, the family sat around flipping through channels on the TV. News reports were starting to come on so Matt, the youngest, was complaining loudly that they could always put in a movie. Everyone ignored him except their mum who thought a movie was a great idea and said that she had the perfect romantic comedy to put on. Matt stopped complaining.

Something on the news caught Brayden's eye. It was just a flash of a picture before their dad flipped the channel but it just didn't look right. He thought something looked wrong. Just when he was telling his dad to change it back someone banged against the door.

"Brayden! Brayden, open up! I need you man...PLEASE!!!" Brayden ran to the door and opened it to find his best friend. They had just seen each other earlier that day when they caught up over lunch. Zac was husky built and always smiling, but right now he looked deflated and beaten up.

"Zac, what on earth happened?"

"I don't know man! I was just out having a drink and on my way back I hit something with my car . . . " Zac slumped against the wall.

"Your LEG! It looks almost chewed off! What the hell happened to you?"

"I thought I hit a dog or something . . . but man, it was some kid. Just a kid . . . I was scared to move her but I didn't want to leave her there . . . Her head just rolled around and I knew man . . . I knew she was gone . . . " His head fell to the side as he began to moan loudly, fighting his tears.

Brayden's family stood around Zac waiting for him to continue. Fear and awe fought for control of their faces but when Zac opened his eyes and they saw the haunted look behind them, fear won.

"You don't understand man . . . you don't know. I didn't kill her!"

"Zac tell me what you did to that girl!" Brayden was screaming in his face now. His nervousness had broken into full panic as he envisioned officers and handcuffs coming to take his friend for murder and possibly himself for helping him.

"SHE'S NOT DEAD!!! She was dead but now she's not!!! Do you understand? She's not dead anymore!!!" Zac screamed and threw Brayden back against his family. Matt was knocked back and instead of getting up, retreated back to the family room. His mum joined him after helping her husband and whispering something in his ear. Brayden looked at Richard who only stared at Zac. Brayden crossed back to Zac and grabbed him roughly by the shoulders.

"Get the out. I don't know what is wrong with you but my family wants no part of it" He shoved Zac out of the house and slammed the door in his face.


Zac continued banging on the door as Brayden, his dad, and Richard went back to the family. They walked in to find Matt and their mum standing together very still, watching the news.

Pictures were flashing on the screen. Amateur videos shot with cell phones kept repeating. Morgues, hospitals, car accidents, bloody children and adults walking around, all these images flashed on and off the screen. Quick interruptions from the reporter went on and off in between showings of the gruesome images. Confusion settled over the room. Words at the bottom of the screen scrolled by: Lock Your Doors and Windows.

The blood drained from Brayden's face. He looked over at Richard who was already staring at him. They were thinking the same thing. Had he locked the door? They strained their ears beyond the TV and tried to listen towards the front of the house. Everything was quiet. Brayden knew that Richard was again thinking the same thing . . . not good.

They both bolted towards the front of the house only to be stopped short by Zac standing in the hallway. His head was down. Bloody vomit covered his chin and soaked the front of his shirt. His leg was no longer dripping blood but instead looked decayed and infected.

"Zac . . . " Brayden lost his words as Zac raised his head. His eyes were sunken into his head and rolled to the back so only the whites showed. His jaw was twitching inhumanly, like he was trying to talk but was drowning in his own blood.

The door stood open to the street behind him. Just as Brayden took a step toward his old friend, his eyes rolled forward to reveal dead pupils. His hand reached toward Brayden and he suddenly threw his body forward to grab Brayden's foot. Richard pulled Brayden back at the same time kicking Zac in the arm. A loud snap confirmed the back. But instead of writhing and screaming in pain, Zac continued to crawl toward Brayden and his brother.

"Zac, what the hell are you doing?" But Zac didn't say a word. He only continued to crawl toward them. He backed them into the kitchen.

Richard yelled something at Brayden but he didn't hear him. He just kept staring at Zac, not believing what was undoubtedly true. It can't be real, he thought.

.............. Continued Below...........

This is what I would look like without a Zombie Survival Kit in the cupboard

This is what I would look like without a Zombie Survival Kit in the cupboard
This is what I would look like without a Zombie Survival Kit in the cupboard

Zombies In The Burbs ... The Story Continues

Zombie Apocolypse
Zombie Apocolypse

"Brayden! Kick him outside! NOW!" Richard was already attempting to kick Zac back down the hallway towards the door. Brayden blinked a few times as the realization hit him with such a force that he couldn't catch a breath. Zac was dead. Undead. Gone. Whatever. But he knew he had to get him out of the house. He looked over at Richard just in time to see him struggling to get free of Zac's grasp. He slammed his foot against Zac's head. It had little effect except for the spray of blood. He slammed his foot down again. This time Zac released his grasp on Richard's foot. Richard flew back and slammed against the counter sending the contents of the cabinets flying out over the floor. Brayden kicked Zac hard in his shoulders and threw his body back down the hall towards the door. Richard ran down the hall, jumped up and kicked Zac in the stomach. He flew out of the door and smashed his head on the ground. A stain spread out around his head. This time he didn't get up.

"Do you think he's dead?"

"I don't know . . . I think he was already . . . " Brayden stared grimly at his old friend.

"You know there was nothing you could do, something happened, it was out of your control. Are you gonna be okay?"

"I don't think so . . . Don't tell Matt or mum about what happened, okay?

"Yeah. Let's get inside. Maybe there's something on the news . . . about what we should do or something . . . "

In the doorway staring at the brothers was the rest of their family. Staring with their mouths hanging open, horror on their faces. They had seen everything. Guilt swelled inside Brayden as he faced his family. They stood staring at him as he stood over the dead, bloody body of what used to be his closest friend. He hung his head and readied himself to explain everything to his family.

"GET DOWN!" His dad shouted as he ran toward Brayden with an old wooden baseball bat. Brayden threw himself to the ground just as his dad swung the bat into the head of dead Zac. This time, the head flew clean off and the body crumpled to ground.

"Why on earth are you still outside? Didn't you see the news? There is biological warfare going on! Get inside!" Brayden's dad pushed him and Richard back into the house. He locked the door and closed all the blinds of the front windows. They all moved back to the family room after checking all the windows to make sure they were locked and shutting all the blinds. Braydens mum went through the house turning off the lights. Soon, they were in total darkness aside from the news updates.

"I have extra wood in the garage. I think we should board up the windows." His dad said this after they watched a house burn down and flaming dead/undead things walking out.

They spent the next two hours going through the house and making sure everything was boarded up and secure. As they worked they heard screams outside and more than once someone banged against the door. Gunshots sounded off in the distance, sirens wailed up and down the streets. The night was never quiet.

Nobody slept that night. The news continued and no one dared to change it. Each member of the family held their own weapon. Brayden with the handgun. Richard with the bat. Matt with his paintball gun. Their mum clutched her meat hammer. Their dad held his golf club, the driver.

When filtered rays of sunlight came through between the boards, the family gathered themselves in the kitchen and sat down to eat. They had nothing to say to each other.

The End (Or is it just the beginning?)

Zombie Head Image copyright DigitalArtB

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Seen Any Zombies Lately? - What Do You Think

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    • Sara Dowling profile image

      Sara Dowling 5 years ago

      @NickyT LM: Thankyou!

    • NickyT LM profile image

      NickyT LM 5 years ago

      Your zombie self portrait?! Disturbing LOL. Great lens and a good read :)

    • Sara Dowling profile image

      Sara Dowling 5 years ago

      @sweetstickyrainbo: I know - I thought that was hilarious!

    • sweetstickyrainbo profile image

      sweetstickyrainbo 5 years ago

      River dancing zombies. It is the end of the world!

    • Sara Dowling profile image

      Sara Dowling 5 years ago

      @Sean1987: Thanks i had fun creating it - I too am a big zombie fan!

    • Sean1987 profile image

      Sean Gagne 5 years ago from Tampa Bay Area

      I'am a ZOMBIE!!!! Please dont use your kit on me!!! lol great lens and awesome story!

    • Sara Dowling profile image

      Sara Dowling 5 years ago

      @WindyWintersHubs: Thank you - that is the reaction I was after! And thanks for the blessing :)

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image

      WindyWintersHubs 5 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Yikes! After reading your story...I'm starting to get really worried. I'm off to lock my doors and check my windows. You just never know what's outside or what's coming (LOL).

    • jackieb99 profile image

      jackieb99 5 years ago

      Hi, thanks for stopping by my lens.

    • ChimpWithKeyboard profile image

      ChimpWithKeyboard 5 years ago from East coast of England in the county of Suffolk

      Have I seen any Zombies lately?

      I'm not entirely sure. In my town they tend to blend in quite well, so it's hard to tell.

    • theallin1writer profile image

      theallin1writer 5 years ago

      a unique zombie lens! *Blessed

    • victoriuh profile image

      victoriuh 5 years ago

      I am a big zombie fan. Thanks for sharing your story.

    • profile image

      AdriatiX 5 years ago

      Haha @Camden, lol. I must say this is an awesome story lens, just for my ''appetite''.

    • Projectlazy profile image

      Projectlazy 5 years ago

      can't wait

    • Sara Dowling profile image

      Sara Dowling 5 years ago

      @royyap: I am working on it (very slowly)

    • royyap profile image

      royyap 5 years ago

      Is there a sequel?

    • Sara Dowling profile image

      Sara Dowling 5 years ago

      @sailor_man: Thank you Sailor Man :)

    • profile image

      sailor_man 5 years ago

      As an interesting read, I recommend it to my lenses.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 5 years ago from New Zealand

      No I haven't seen any, thank goodness. Loved reading your lens, great story.

      You should start writing books.

      Thanks for sharing. Blessed.

    • GregoryMoore profile image

      Gregory Moore 5 years ago from Louisville, KY

      Zombies are definitely popular now, and I am a major Walking Dead fan. I keep trying to convince my 8 year old son that the zombie apocalypse is coming, but he informs me "it's not gonna happen, it's just a tv show".

      The news is already talking about the zombie-bees. I guess we'll just have to wait and see which one of us is right ;-) .

    • tonybonura profile image

      Tony Bonura 5 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

      Wow, you almost had me convinced. Great job. Great story. I throughly enjoyed it and my visit here.


    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Quite a compelling read! Thanks so much for sharing - blessed by a SquidAngel! :)

    • kiratalley profile image

      kiratalley 5 years ago

      I look like a zombie most mornings!

    • Sara Dowling profile image

      Sara Dowling 5 years ago

      @Camden1: I know that feeling! Although with me I think it might be 2 cups of coffee :)

    • Camden1 profile image

      Camden1 5 years ago

      My kids think I'm a zombie if they're unlucky enough to see me before I've had my first cup of coffee.

    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 5 years ago

      I loved this story. It's a really original way to make a lens.