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Zumba Music Playlist

Updated on March 25, 2013

Zumba Music Playlist - Feel the Music!

Get your groove on and feel the movement with the best Zumba Music Playlist! Zumba music makes working up a sweat a true pleasure. The strong rhythms charge the atmosphere so you just can't help but move and love every minute of it.

Traditional Zumba music is Latin inspired with dance moves such as the mambo,salsa and meringue. But Beto Perez the found of Zumba is always mixing things up. His Zumba Total Body Transformation workout set includes a wide variety of music, even some with a country twang.

His latest collection of DVD's, the Zumba Exhilarate workout system, includes music and movement from around the world. He touches on hip hop, belly dancing and more giving them all the Zumba flair.

You can choose from the official Zumba collection or find the rhythm and beats to make your Zumba Music Playlist from other music you love to listen to.

#1 Selling Zumba Music CD

This CD has strong Latin beats to get you moving!

Zumba Fitness Dance Party
Zumba Fitness Dance Party

Top seller in dance party music


Every Zumba Playlist Needs a Jingle Skirt!

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Black Chiffon Dangling Gold Coins Belly Dance Hip Scarf

Mix Up Your Zumba Music Playlist

One of the great things about Zumba is you can really mix up your Zumba playlist. I love Shakira and her music motivates me even more!

I own several of the Zumba CD's and listen to them when I wash dishes and clean house. Who knew housecleaning could actually be fun!

Amazon has a great collection of Zumba CD's to help you get your dance party on!

Zumba Music Playlist CD's

Zumba Music Playlists

You can find some great music on ebay to add to your Zumba Music Playlist that is hard to find anywhere else!

Personalize Your Zumba Music Playlist

Keep your ear tuned to the radio and at the clubs for songs that would make a great addition to your Zumba Music Playlist. Ask your friends for recommendations and make selections from Zumba DVD's you use and Zumba classes you take.

The more you personalize your song list, the more you will enjoy working out and grooving to the music!

Pick your favorite music and let's Zumba - Feel the Movement and the Music!

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More Zumba Music On Amazon!

Look for hot Zumba music, Salsa music and more!

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