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Zut Radio

Updated on January 31, 2012

Zut Radio ... The #1 Radio Station in Canada

Zut Radio is a project of many personalities. We boradcast at 303.8 on your FM dial.. Here we have 5 busy people that keep this station the Number One station in Zutville. In fact - we are the only station here.

We send out our signals often but on no set time schedule. And , of course, depending on who is broadcasting at the time, you will find a variety of programs to entertain you.

As to the busy dedicated people here - they will be here shortly to tell you more about themselves.

But I will briefly tell you what to expect..

Our Head DJ is Zut Moon - You will find him to be ornery from time to time. He really likes to poke fun at Americans

Henry Happytoes is a young lad who is easy-going and happy - a great relief from Zut.

Then we have Shaggy who is our youngest DJ. He likes to help animals and you find him promoting those organization that help with animal welfare.

Captain Kidd will be doing most of the quizzes and will help U search for buried treasure.

And our 5th DJ - well he's a Mystery Person at the moment and I am not allowed to tell you anything abut him - at least for now..

Soon - the DJ's themselves will appear here and tell you more about themselves.

Zut Moon's Farm (on Facebook)

Zut recently acquired a farm on Facebook. If you are on Facebook and would like to be a farmer living next to Zut ... just leave him a comment at the bottom of this page with your Facebook name and he will be in touch.

Happy Farming !!!

Today's Topic - Dumb Ass Twitters

Do you Tweet at Twitters. There are some great Tweets there but then there are tweets such as this:

I got up late this morning and I am late for my doctor's appointment.

My kid fell and banged his knee.

I am going to have a shower now and then go shopping.

Like - Who Gives a Rat's Ass ??? No, you are not the Centre of the Universe. No one cares if your left elbow is itchy.

Does this sound famialar to U ..share your Dumb Ass Tweets in the module below.

Dumb Ass Tweets

Have you read a Dumb Ass Tweet that you would like to share with others?

Next Interview

Zut Moon has indicated he will do another intervew with us. If you missed the first one, just click on the photo on the right and look for Inteview with Zut Moon.

What should we discuss in the 2nd Interview?

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Where does Zut Radio broadcast from?

We broadcast from Halifax, Nova Scotia. If Zut Moon were telling you this ... he would add that Halifax is in Eastern Canada because he likes to make fun of Americans. Everyone knows where Halifax is so I wouldn't think of insulting anyone like that.

Drop by for a free tour if you are ever in the area.

The Information Station

At Zut Radio, we strive to keep you informed of the best links to humor, music, funny cartoons quiizzes and even spiritual development. In order to maintain the high standard that our listeners demand of us - please tell us what you like best about Zut - is it the humor and crazy antics of the DJ's or perhaps the deep philisophical thought written by Shaggy.

Whatever it is, please take the time to tell us so the we can still be the best Information Station in Zutville.

What do you like best about Zut Radio?

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Four Letter Words

Zut Radio unfollowed 3 Twitters yesterday for using the Big Four Letter Word. Why is that such a Big Deal you ask - because Twitter is in all Time Zones and is used by All Ages. It is inappropriate to use the Big Four Letter Word!!!

Either the Tweeter has no children of their own (in which case it makes them insensitive to others) or they do have children (in which case it shows their stupidity). One can always make their point about something without using that word. Using that word just shows others one's own breeding or rather, their lack of breeding.

Zut Radio will not follow such people and will block them from receiving Zut Radio broadcast. There is enough crap in this world without what many folks consider to be extreme profanity.

Captain Kidd

Flakey Pirate Steals Booty and Gets Fired

Earlier I had mentioned that one of our DJ's was Captain Kidd. Well I'm afraid that is no longer true. Security caught him stealing our booty and of course, many of our listeners know what that booty was. So long as you don't run to the RCMP - I will tell you's marijuana.

Now remember - none of our listeners pay for our outsatnding broadcast here at Zut and neither do we ask for donations. We fund ourselves from the marijuana-grown operation in the back of our studios.

So as long as no one squeals on us, we of course can still keep broadcasting.

The Captain will be replaced by one of Moon's closet friends - Grumpy. He will be here to say "Hi" shortly.

Zut Moon

Hi Loyal Listener - I am Zut Moon - the founder of Zutville and the Head DJ here at Zut Radio. Thousands of people love me - millions hate me.

I take no crap off no-one. I like Americanos for the most part but find that 80% of them don`t know about anything 200 feet from their own doorsteps. Ask them what Ecum Secum is and most will tell you a North American Indian hunting deer - how foolish - everyone knows what Ecum Secum is !!!

Other than that - I promise to serve my listeners to the best of my ability. But - if I find you have fallen asleep a long time by your radio - you will probably wake up with no radio signal. I do expect my listeners to phone in every now and again to say `Hi`.

Henry Happytoes

Hi - I'm Henry Happytoes and I am fortunate to work here at Zut Radio. I'm only part-time for the moment and usually fill in for Zut Moon when he is away on vacation. It's a challenge to try to fill his shoes.

I hear he can be nasty sometimes. But - you have no fear from me - I am nice to everyone (except some fellow named Bush) - besides I am trying to get on full-time.

I hope you enjoy the progamming here. One of the things I am especially proud of is our quizzes and Fun Zurveys which I will be broadcasting often. Just click on Zut Moon's photo for a list of all the Great Things we do.

Take care and have a nice day.


Hey Dude ... I'm Shaggy - I don't got no last name. I love animals (especially dogs) and I will be broadcasting things that will help you grow spiritually.

I guess I should say that we all broadcast each other's media but I am the one who writes the things that will help your soul evolve.

My greatest work is the Key to Happiness - you will find it in a Zut Moon lens even though he didn't really write it. I am the junior DJ here and in no position to argue with the Boss - you know what I'm saying Vern.


Moon's Number One Buddy

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    • profile image

      marsha32 9 years ago

      came in from twitter....I haven't unfollowed anyone yet, but would if I seen profanity as well. :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      growing pot, huh? I never thought about moving to Canada until I heard you could grow 20k of marijuana in an 10x10 room and only be fined 2k if you got caught. tempting.