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A Day in the Life of a Housewife/Everything

Updated on February 4, 2017

I have had my fair share of jobs, I have worked in everything from fast food, to retail, and I even worked as a dog bather, for about a week. But I can honestly say, being a stepmother/housewife is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I used to be one of those people who thought homemakers just sat around and watched soaps all day, boy was I wrong. From the moment I wake up, until the time I hit the sheets, I'm going full force. I'm lucky if I even get a long enough break to shower and eat.

Duties of a Homemaker

1. Being a 24/7 maid, cleaning up everything, after everyone, and I do mean everything.

2. A Chef, only you cook countless meals that nobody eats.

3. A Baker, who stays up late to bake cookies, muffins, and cakes for school fundraisers, and the occasional special treat.

4. A Good Samaritan, who has to give up your food almost always, because the same plate of food you just made them, touched their potatoes.

5. A Dry Cleaner, except you wash laundry all day long.

6. A speed bather, you learn how to take a shower pretty quick when you become a mother.

7. An on-call Nurse, getting up at least four or five times a night, during cold, and flu season.

8. A bodyguard, who spends every waking breath making sure that your family is safe, and sound.

9. A Comedian, being a parent requires having a very big sense of humor.

10. A proud parent, as you watch the progress of all your hard work and realize it was all worth it. When you watch them become great parents of their own.

When I was working a regular job my hours were whatever hours I was working for that day. Being a homemaker is like working ten different full-time jobs at once. I cook all the meals, and snacks in between, which being the wonderful task juggler I am I always have so much fun trying to get my three and five-year-old to eat their veggies. Most of the time the veggies end up encrusted under the dinner table or embedded in their clothes and carpet, my house pretty much looks like a zoo in-between meals. Not to mention all the dishes I do all day long, I'm a housekeeper/dry cleaner. Oh, I almost forgot, I also get to clean up pee and poop. Yuck! I never realized how hard it was to get that horrible stink out of clothes until I starting doing about five loads of laundry a day, only to notice the clothes still stink and I have to do them over and over again. Do not forget all the other stuff that comes in between all the other stuff I do. You really do not realize how much work is involved until you actually start doing it yourself.

But besides it making me tired all the way down to my very last bone, it is also one of the most rewarding jobs too, and as much as I rant I love it. When you love your family it makes you happy knowing you're doing everything you can to make them happy. You are also the one who gets to sit down after a long hard day and look at your babies face as they smile while you watch a movie together, or when you teach them a new word. So while it may be the hardest job I have ever had, it is also one of the best jobs I have ever had, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.


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    • neakin profile image

      neakin 6 years ago

      Its a hard job but someone has to do it! Awesome Hub! Voted up!