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My little flower

Updated on October 30, 2015


Impromptu while waiting for the concert to begin

When you are born, my Granddaughter, we will go for walks together.

I will sing to you and read to you. We will smile at each other.

We will be the happiest people on Earth.

We will talk and have fun.

When you start school, I will come pick you up and watch you run to me.

We will talk and play. We will have a great time together.

You will grow day by day and one day you will become a pretty young lady.

We will walk and talk about things. We will have a great time together and never be bored.

Then one day you will meet a handsome young man, and I will watch you two walk hand in hand and talk. I will be happy, because you are having a great time together.

Sometimes you will let me come along and we will have a great time, but I will understand if you two chose to be alone together.

I enjoy walking alone.

Then one day you will have your own grandchild, and you will write your own story.

I am waiting for you!

P.S. Sofia was born on December 8th and we met!


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