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Selecting Gifts Which Will Help Kids Grow Physically and Intellectually

Updated on October 23, 2015

We all love our kids. We want the very best for them. How would you feel when you spend lots of money on a birthday gift for your kid only to leave him/her disappointed? Of course you will end up dejected, dispirited or even bored. How would you feel if you buy a gift for your kid only for the gift to cause a serious accident and your kid ends up in hospital? Will you blame the seller, the manufacturer? The good thing is that these are things that you can always avoid. This article will help you as a parent, friend, guardian or even custodians select the best gifts for their kids. It will highlight some of the most important things that you should always have in mind. This will leave your kid happy and also allow them to grow both physically and intellectually.

Gifts for the kids

Selecting the best gifts for kids
Selecting the best gifts for kids | Source

Young children


Consider the age of your kid

Interests and pleasures do change with age. Just like in adults where tastes do changes with time, kids too do have tastes which depend on their level of knowledge and capabilities. Gifts should also enable kids discover the world depending on a given life stage. A good gift should be able to inspire and stimulates kid’s way of seeing and understanding of things. There are also risks which come with buying the wrong gift for a certain age. Cases of suffocation have been reported. Cases of accidents due things like huge bikes for small kids are also common. A good gift which will support the kids learning will take into consideration what the child is learning in school and the areas of difficulty. It will then help them develop interest in the area. Gifts which will allow school going kids grow intellectually include tablets loaded with kids learning softwares, books and toys which will inspire kids imagination. Avoid mistakes made by many parents who choose the wrong gifts for certain age as this inhibits the child mental development. The kids literally refuse to grow and evolve.

Interests differ depending on gender


Consider the sex of the Kid

Male and female kids especially teenagers have varying taste for color. Kids also do show varying interests depending on sex. Their way of playing games also differ depending on sex. Boys like gifts which will keep them more physically engaged. Such gifts include bikes, balls and exercise shoes. Girl kids prefer gifts which are either gender neutral or feminine. Such gifts include musical instruments, art supplies among others. It is the level of testosterone hormone in the body which causes this difference in gifts demand. High levels of testosterone make boys more physically active than girls.

What interests your child?


Consider the interests of the kid

There is nothing bad like buying a gift for a kid and the kid shows no interest in it. You may have spent a good amount of your savings to surprise your kid but end up being disappointed. Take your time to understand your kid. You may also ask some suggestive questions which will guide you on what your kid want. Did you know that you can also buy a gift which can change your child’s attitude towards something? Yes, if your kid is weak in a certain subject in class, you may find some enticing gifts which incorporate some learning in the area. If a kid is weak in mathematics, you can identify some counting toys which will keep them more engaged with numbers. This will enhance friendliness with the topic. Such gifts include VTech spin and Learn color flash, Math link cubes, Learning Resource time tracker among others. You can also use gifts to enhance your kids interest in various science topics like electronics, biology, chemistry, geometry, photography among others. These gifts enhance the child’s creativity and imagination in that particular field. Such gifts include Snap circuit sound which introduces the principles of sound to kids from the age of eight years. Big shot camera kit enhances child’s interest in photography. Air stream machine machines enhance child’s knowledge about aircrafts.

Educational games


Consider the educational value

As stated earlier, there are toys which can promote child’s learning. There are others which may fully inhibit child’s growth intellectually. Some computer games stimulate creativity; enhance decisiveness and problem solving skills. Some others engage children physically. Physical activities enhance the circulation of blood in the body. Blood is the fluid that ensures that glucose and oxygen reach the brain cells for effective brain performance. A parent should select toys and softwares which will enable kid acquire new skills and avoid those which interfere with child’s development progress by alienating them from the real world. Avoid anything which may promote any form of addictive behavior because recovery can be costly in terms of time and money.

Consider the health and safety standards of the gifts

Health and safety of your kid should always be the first consideration when buying a gift for your kid. A good gift will not expose the kid to any form of health risks. Addiction has become one of the biggest problems in the 21st century. Kids are being held as slaves by computer screens when playing computer games. This denies them crucial time for other activities like interacting with other kids. Such kids develop some strong antisocial or aggressive behavior depending on the games which have held them hostage. The other problem with this is that computer or video games are also less engaging physically. A kid will only sit down for the better part of the day. This will increase the risk of conditions like obesity and overweight which increase chances of getting diseases like diabetes and hypertension. It is therefore good that you avoid gifts which will promote addiction and sedentary lifestyle.

Avoid gifts made of materials which may cause autoimmune diseases in your kid. Avoid toys which may promote contamination and infection through licking. Also take into consideration what would happen when the toy breaks. Are there some dangerous parts which may cause some serious problem when swallowed like batteries or other corrosive chemicals?. Can the gift cause suffocation when children accidentally sleep in or around it? Does it release some dangerous fumes or gases when it breakdown?

Consider the celebration or occasion

Different occasions do require different gifts. Birthday gifts are different from Christmas gifts.

Selecting the best gifts for a kid

Christmas gifts
Christmas gifts | Source

Consider abilities and disabilities of the kid

Children do have their own strengths and weaknesses. You should always have this in your mind. If you are trying to promote a certain behavior or ability in a kid, you may ask a pediatrician on which items are good for your kids. There are gifts which can help you solve the problems of poor eating habits or obesity by promoting active lifestyle.

There are also kids who have physical disabilities. For such kids, consider the ease of use or operation. This may be through sound, light or movement. It is also good to consider how the item will be used. Will it be used by a kid who is on a wheel chair or with clutches? Choose the one which are adaptable to the ability of such a kid. Also, you should take into consideration the adjustability of the item so as to always fit the child using it.


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    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      2 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      So many toys and so many options. The great thing about kids vs. adults is, children will tell you exactly what they want. Now whether it is the highest choice is for you to decide.


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