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Three Little Boys

Updated on January 1, 2013


My family has been very blessed this past year. Three little boys - all to be born within seven months of each other.

Thought I'd write this before the third little one comes in to this world. Get ready world, he's coming soon - Nicholas.

Each one unique. Each story different. Yet each story intertwined.

All three babies are my grandbabies. One we will be raising. He was the firstborn of the three. How I love him! His birthmom and birthdad are unable to raise him, so we willingly stepped in. Got to love my husband (second husband at that), so not a blood relative to this little guy, but you should see the two of them together. The baby can't take his eyes off of my husband (his daddy), both his daddy and his granddaddy. Christopher snuggles up in Dave's arms and stares at him in awe. He giggles and laughs and has lately noticably become quite expressive. He is all of five and a half months with not much hair yet, very fair and big blue eyes. His hair is starting to fill in a bit and will be blonde, blonde, blonde. I wasn't fortunate enough to have been present at his birth but picked him up from the hospital when he was all of four days old.

Elliot came into this world less than a month after Christopher. Born to my beautiful Wendy and her "partner in civil union" as she would call it, Brian. He is their second child. His big sister, Helena was thrilled that Elliot had finally been born.

Elliot was born with a full head of gorgeous dark hair (just like his mother). He has dark eyes and looks totally opposite to Christopher. He seems to be the mellow one. Laid back, just taking life in stride. The cool one of the bunch we think. He is precious and adorable and adds quite a sparkle to our family.

We love getting Christopher and Elliot together. Many a picture has been taken of the two of them already and I am certain that many, many more are to come.

Emily and Paul's little Nicholas, or Nico, as they call him will be born soon. We all love him and are anxiously awaiting his birth. What will be written in his life's storybook? I remember well when Emily was born, though it was years ago, I can remember it like yesterday. She came into this world fast. A very short labour. Wonder if Nicholas will follow in his mother's footsteps. We are guessing that he will be fair and may look like Christopher. After all, Emily and my son (Christopher's dad) resembled each other at birth. Paul is from Poland and they are already calling Nico, the Polish prince. I love that Paul is already speaking Polish to Nico, even while Nico is still in the uterus. :)

By the way, this hub was written over a year ago. Nico is almost a year old now. And yes, he truly is a little Prince. And he and Christopher do resemble each other. He is a precious, awesome grandbaby. We love spending time with him.

We are truly blessed with these grandbabies and other grandchildren. Have to write about them another day.


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