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Jobs for 15-Year-Olds - The Basics

Updated on November 17, 2010

If you grow slowly out of childhood your need for money increases. You go out with friends more often and you start buying more expensive things which you cannot afford solely with the money your parents give you. For example, you maybe want a new Playstation 3 or something else? Then you should start to think about getting some additional money. But what are the best ways to get it? In this little essay I will try to display you some ideas which may help you to reach your goals in terms of money. Of course, these will not make you rich in a split second but it is worth to get some inspiration of how you can achieve what you want when you are 15 years old and are trying to get your first job.

The Classical Job for Young People: Doing a Paper Route

Big malls or other well-known stores give you often the opportunity to deliver their advertisement papers around the nearest neighbourhood. Most young people do this work as it does not sconsume a lot of time. For example, you can just work for nine hours per week which gives you still enough time for your homework and leasure-time activities. How much they pay you varies from store to store but it is definitely worth it to ask in suitable stores if they need new employees for that kind of work. The payment is not huge but it is something which does not need any qualifications and is very simple.

Private Tutoring


Maybe it seems a bit odd that I am suggesting private tutoring as a job for a 15-year-old but you should really give it a try if you think that you are up for it and you have the intelligence and good grades to teach younger people. Firstly, you should think about which subjects you are gifted in and how you can make understand other people certain formulas or topics.Of course, your customers need to be younger as you, I suggest around the age of ten. Just ask around your family or neighbourhood if somebody is searching for private tutoring. Although you cannot offer these students so much reliability as a regular private tutor, they will definitely consider you as you do not take so much money from them and they will know you more personally. I guess seven dollars per hour are appropriate for the start but that depends on who you are teaching and how pleased they are with your work.

A Question of Creativity

As you are a bit too young to get a real job because you are most probably still going to school, you should think about doing something out of your own instead of working as a waiter/waitress or something like that. It all comes down to being a bit creative in what you can offer other people which is worth money. A good example for this is asking friends and family if you can help them with anything. It is likely that they will offer you some sort of work like cleaning their car or doing garden work. In conclusion, there are a lot of options for a young person to earn some money and I hope I could help you a bit with your decision of how you want to do it.


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    • EinsFloW profile image

      EinsFloW 7 years ago

      Thank you. :-) Yes, that's probably a very suitable job, too. Maybe I will edit the article later.

    • roxsilver profile image

      roxsilver 7 years ago from West Coast

      Great points. My teenage daughter has done very well with good ole babysitting, too.