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Baby Items Not To Waste Your Money On

Updated on April 21, 2015

What items not to registar for?

Baby items not to registar for

I remember as a first time mother, going into the local Baby's R Us to register for my baby shower and being overwhelmed at the countless items to choose from. Where to start? What do I really need? What really works?

All these questions ran through my mind and I remember standing there with the scanning gun in my hand and tears welling up in my eyes at the sheer anxiety of picking the wrong thing or not picking something I would really need.

(For those of you who have never been pregnant, this may seem extremely odd to you, however I can assure you that randomly crying in a public store is completely normal during a pregnancy.)

For first time mothers, it may be helpful to use the stores pre-made register list for the basic items. However, be aware that they will also try to include the most expensive items and as many items as possible. So I recommend using it as a guideline to make sure you haven't forgotten some basic items such as a car seat and crib.

I do not profess to being a baby product expert by any means, however below are a few of the products that I myself and many of my friends have found to be a waste of money, either by poor design or just something we never really needed or used.

Dual Strollers Not to Buy

Our tandem dual stroller was just big and cumbersome and a waste of money.
Our tandem dual stroller was just big and cumbersome and a waste of money. | Source

Graco DuoGlide Stroller

Strollers for twins

I am a huge fan of Graco products and both infant car seats that we used for our children were Graco. So I am very sad to have to list one of their products on this list of what not to buy.

We received a Graco DuoGlide stroller for my baby shower with my second child.

There were some things I liked about the stroller, however, they were not enough to outweigh the negatives.

  • Barely fit into my compact car's trunk - I had to creatively manuever the stroller to get the trunk lid to close and there was no room for anything else. So if I was going grocery shopping with the kids I was limited to what would fit in the front seat.
  • Cannot open single-handedly - contrary to popular advertisements, my husband and I were never able to accomplish this fete with our dual stroller. It was just too cumbersome and awkward to do one handed.
  • Design is too long - Being of short stature and even shorter armspan, I could not hold open a door and push the stroller through like with a single stroller. I either had to find an automatic door or wait for a good samaritan to hold the door for me. The second issue was trying to manuever the stroller through a department store in the clothing aisle sections. I could not manuever between clothing racks.
  • Turning Difficulty - trying to turn around with the stroller was a nightmare, let alone even just simply turning a corner. Picture trying to steer an 18-wheeler and that is what it felt like.

If you are looking for a double stroller, my recommendation is to use a side by side as opposed to a front to back.

Is Diaper Genie a waste of money?

Diaper Genie Review

I know there are many people out there who rave about the diaper genie. The product is not on my list because it did not work. I am including it because of the length of time that I found it effective and desirable.

Also, given that I can get the same effect, and for much cheaper (reusing plastic grocery bags), by simply double-bagging the diaper before placing it into the trash can, I feel that it must be included.

The product worked great when my children were newborns but as they got older and their diapers got larger the product became much less effective and desirable.

The diaper genie works great when the diapers are newborn to stage 1 size. Even a full diaper at that size, is still not that large and easy to squeeze through the chamber. The chamber will hold almost a weeks worth of diapers before it needs changing.

However, when my children were older and used larger diapers, and thus larger quantities of wet and dirty diapers, the diaper genie became less desirable to use.

With using the larger diapers, I was having to change out the bag every other day, which thus led me to have to purchase refills much more frequently. At an average of $7.00 a refill, this came to be very expensive rather quickly. Especially, when I could simply reuse those pesky plastic grocery bags that always seem to be in abundance.

The other aspect that persuaded me to include the product on this hub, is a much less desirable and rather disgusting reason all together. Larger diapers hold larger quantities of number #1 and number #2.

The size of the diaper genie chamber guard does not change through the growth of your child's diapers. Therefore, when I would try to squeeze a larger diaper through the chamber, on numerous occasions I would have the luxury of having "overflow" get on my hands or on the side of the chamber of the product itself.

Not only is this, a not so pleasant experience, but it is also unsanitary. As parents, we all know that there will be times, inevitably, that you have the privilege of wearing number #1 and/or number #2, however, I did not want to volunteer for it every time I tried to put the diaper in the Diaper Genie chamber.

Changing Baby on Floor
Changing Baby on Floor | Source

Do I need a changing table?

Baby changing tables

I find that buying a separate changing table is really an unnecessary purchase when it comes to baby gear and furniture. If you want to purchase a dresser that has a built in or add on changing station on top of the dresser, that is one thing.

However, purchasing a separate piece of furniture where you change your baby or child is a sales gimmick to get you to purchase a completely unnecessary piece of furniture. Ask most mothers and fathers where they change their child most often, and 9 times out of 10 the answer will not be the changing table.

Sure during the first few days, or even weeks, of your first child's birth you will diligently go over to the changing table to change the baby. However, I guarantee you as the week's go by you will find yourself changing the baby either on the floor, on the couch, or on your bed.

It is simply more convenient to change the baby on the floor where you are at, than to walk over to the changing table and change your baby there. When you are running on no sleep, it is far more convenient and safer to change the baby on the floor.

Your child cannot roll off the floor. Simply place a portable changing mat on the floor (they usually come with your diaper bag), and change the diaper there. The floor is a lot less expensive, is in every room of the house, and is "roll-off" proof.

Wipes Warmer
Wipes Warmer | Source

Baby Wipes Warmer

Are baby wipes warmers worth it?

I found this to be a complete waste of money. Unless you live in an igloo, you don't need to warm up the baby wipes.

As long as you don't store the wipes near the register when your air conditioner is blowing full blast, or in the garage during winter, they should maintain room temperature. My son actually preferred the wipes to be cooled because they were soothing on his bottom when he had diaper rash.

Traditional High Chair
Traditional High Chair | Source

Traditional High Chairs

High chairs

Traditional high chairs are a thing of the past. With all the products out there, parents no longer need to clutter up their kitchen with a big bulky high chair. It is waste of money and a waste of space.

One great inexpensive and space saving alternative is the portable booster seat with tray attachments. You can find a decent one for under $30 bucks.

The seats are adjustable, usually up to 3 heights, so they can be raised to sit at any table height. The feeding trays and covers are dishwasher safe and the booster itself is very easy to rinse in the sink. T

he seat straps are adjustable to fit most seats and chairs, and the three point harness is also adjustable to grow with your child. The seats are also portable. They are very compact and easy to take to a family dinner or even a resaurant.


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    • Novel Treasure profile image

      Novel Treasure 5 years ago from US

      We bought into the hype when the diaper genie first came out. It was great when the kids were tiny, like 0-3 months, but when the diapers got bigger it just didn't work so great.

    • profile image

      Briannasmom 5 years ago

      I made the mistake of buying the diaper genie. It was such a waste of money. I totally agree with you on that one!!

    • profile image

      Yvonne 6 years ago

      Great advice! I've often thought of doing this when I see new mothers going through so much stress thinking of all the things they are told they need. I would add crib to the list. My three children went from bassinet, to our bed and then by their 2nd birthday their own full size beds.