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10 Free Games you Don't Want to Play with your Children

Updated on April 4, 2014

Childhood Games with a Twist

Most parents have found themselves doing things that they never imagined doing prior to having children. From my personal experience, I've discovered that some of these activities take on the form of games. While these games bare similarities to games of my youth, they are definitely games that I'd prefer not to play. It has been easier for me to find the humor in these situations than to get upset. I hope that you find the humor as well.


1. Name that (Bodily) Tune

Remember the game show from the 50s and 70s where contestants bid on how many notes it would take them to identify a song? You can play this game at home with two adults and at least one child. Was that a burp, a toot, or a gargle? This game becomes more interesting with the more children you have because you get the added mystery of identifying which child the noise came from.


2. Cops and Robbers...maybe just Robbers

Similar to the Cops and Robbers game we played as children, but instead of playing tag, you and your spouse creep around the house as quietly as humanly possible to avoid awaking your child from his or her nap.


3. Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral (Kids Edition)

A new twist on an old classic. While at one point a TV quiz show, adults will sometimes play this verbal game where a person identifies an unknown object based on the clue for whether it is an animal, mineral, or vegetable. The kids version of this game is where parents get to use their other senses of touch, smell, and sometimes taste to try to identify the substance found in their child's backpack, pants pocket, hand, etc.


4. Reverse Musical Chairs

Popular among younger children, this is the reverse version of an old classic and is played in our household every time we get into the car. Instead of children rushing to get into their chair (car seat) they do everything imaginable to avoid the chair. Tactics involve kicking, screaming, biting, and flailing.

Variation: This game can also be played around mealtime using high chairs or booster seats.


5. Baby Pictionary

Also known as "Is that poop or avocado?", "I hope that's chocolate", and "(loud gasping noise)", this game is played when your child has an explosive poop while simultaneously eating green or brown foods. Have fun identifying the texture covering your walls, floor, clothing, and furniture.


6. Advanced Telephone Game

The "Telephone" game typically involves at least 3 players in which the first person whispers a message to another, who then whispers the message to the next person in line, and so on, until the message reaches the last person in line. The last person then says the message out loud to the entire group. Hilarity ensues as errors typically accumulate in the recounting, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly from the original message. The more people involved in the group, the more changed the message will be. Now, the "Advanced Telephone" game is rather impressive. Children skilled enough to play this game can hear a message from one parent and when recounting to the other parent, the message will already be radically different. Impressive!


7. Chutes and Ladders (and Swings)

One of the world's most beloved board games of yore brought to life! In this game, watch children fling themselves with reckless abandon from chute to latter to swing and back. Speedy players may advance to the bonus round which includes a real-life version of Operation.


8. Hide and go "Bleep"

Also known as "oh, crap" this spontaneous game occurs when your child vanishes in to thin air. Most commonly played when in a hurry or while in a public place. While expletives don't help you win this game, they are sometimes muttered during the hunt for your opponent.


9. Kick-ball

My child has unintentionally played this game with my husband on several occasions. No more explanation needed.

10. Arm Jenga

Original Jenga is a game of mental dexterity and skill where players take turn removing single blocks from a tower constructed of 3x3 block rows trying to prevent the tower from collapsing. As a parent, this game is mirrored while running errands. Most moms (and sometimes dads) can carry an astounding number of boxes, bags, and children at one time. The challenge comes into play when a family member needs to remove an item from within the stacks of objects. Will all of the items come crashing down? Oh, the suspense!

Share your Favorite Kid Games

Every parent has their own horror stories and experiences...I'd love to hear yours! Please feel free to share it in the "comments" section below.


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    • CyberShelley profile image

      Shelley Watson 4 years ago

      Brought back some fun memories! Up, interesting and useful.